Monday, August 21, 2017

8/21/2017 - Good Day Sunshine..........

Greetings Friends,

Wow, I was on a rooftop of a parking garage with my special glasses and to look at the eclipse. It was blocked by 66%, not too shabby. My (DW) was all excited about the whole deal and asked me to buy some Solar shades for the event. I got an OK deal on amazon. 

So, what does this have to do with (ZC)???? Well........ the sun blinded me because I did not read the instructions and the rays went past my eyes and strait to my brain and now I have a craving for doughnuts. Damned malfunctioning solar shades!!! Yeah right! Yes, another oh so weak attempt to make a funny. Sad!

Well, I did manage to get the "Before" and "After" pictures of myself back up on the homepage of the blog. I am just not ready to tackle the rest of the blog. I did notice here and there the pics are still there. I must have uploaded them directly. I am just not in the mood to go page by page to find all the pics that need to be replaced right now. I have lots on my plate at the moment. No I am not talking about a yummy Rib eye lol!!! 

Just lots of issues on the home front. It can be real consuming. Hey, I am really not complaining. All in all things are good if not great! I  just have some changes that I am getting used to and tons of home projects that need to be started let alone completed. 

All is well on the (ZC) front. I made some really great burgers on my new "GrillGrates". They are just heaven on gas grills. No flare ups and the taste is from out of the world!!! I can use them both on my mini grill and my larger grill. Best investment in a long time.

I can't wait til it cools down so I can  go fishing with my buddy. It is way too hot for me to be out there. My buddy is trying to talk me into an overnight trip, but that will have to wait for at least another month or so. It is a bit too muggy at night for me. 

Be Strong, Live Long and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Chilling and Grilling



Tuesday, August 15, 2017

For a good laugh!!!

Hi all!!!

If you have not watch this video available on YouTube and you want to have a good laugh, it is a must.



When I realised the only result of all the medical test they could show us HAD NOTHING TO DO with eating meat, I got really mad.

The "anti-gliadin sigA" (a FECAL immunology test) result shown is for detecting celiac disease / gluten intolerance. It is in no way related to risk of cardiac disease.

They probably couldn't show the lipid profile because I am sure it was 100% NORMAL... 

This guy looks healthy like an horse and is certainly not overweight!!!

I will not make further comments...





Friday, August 11, 2017

8/11/2017 - Held for Ransom.......

Greetings all,

I feel good if not Great! No cravings for carbs and my Spirits are Soaring!!!

OK, so I noticed last month that all if not most of my pics are gone. Jeez, WTF, or Wheres the Fruit!!!! 

Yes, in all it's wisdom Photobucket decided to start charging for hosting pics. OK, so after years and years of providing a free service they decided to charge??? 

What a scam. Like me, thousands of users of this formerly free service are stuck like chuck. They well know it would be oh so hard for me and others to go back and reinsert hundreds if not thousands of photos in various pages on someones blog or website. 

I am sure as to Hell, oops sorry for the language but I am mad, am not going to pay any ransom for my pictures to be hosted there. I will have to find an alternative. It will take a long, long time for me to go all the way back to page one of my blog and reinsert all the pics. I may not even know exactly what was there. 

What a fine mess INDEED!!!

Well, I know that at the start of this post I said I was fine, but I did have an accident last month that I am almost fully recovered. I was changing the U-Joints on one of my vehicles and smashed my thumb with a 4 lb sledge hammer by accident. It could have been much worse, but by the Grace of God I did minimal, yet painful damage. It still hurts, but the pain is almost gone.

OK: so now I am the hunt for a Photobucket alternative, one day this blog will back to as close to 100% as possible. I don't post much now a days, but it is the only full Journal still available from the former original Zeroing In On Health Forum. So, I will make an effort to do what I can to give back to those who inspired me so much when I started to change my Lifestyle to Zero Carb.

Have a wonderful day! Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!

(ZC)er No Surrender, No Retreat



Friday, May 12, 2017

5/12/2017 - Keep this Frequency CLEAR

Greetings my Zero Carb Family and Friends,

I gotta tell ya that I am in Rib eye Heaven!!! Yes, I am. Hmmm... let me see, yes I am humming a little song or jingle of some sorts:

Rib eyes in the morning,

Rib eyes in the evening,

Rib eyes at supper time,

Be my little Rib eye.

And I'll love you all the time.

OK, I made some oh so necessary adjustments to the song. 

Dave has went off the deep end! 

Deep end indeed!!! I told ya that I  bought a nice stash of Rib eyes for $2.97 lb and I have to say they are some of the best Rib eyes I have ever tasted. They have outstanding marbling. I mean I just pan fried one last night and my (DW) took it away from me and ate half as I stood by drooling. Jeez........  She said she felt bad taking my food away, but at the end of the day she enjoyed it and I got some too. It's all good here. 

Yes, and now for my next Wacky Experiment............not!!! Yes, I will be enjoying my stash of Rib eyes for a little while. My next hunt will be to find some decent Beef Ribs. Or should I say the Elusive Beef that sound like that dude on The Deadlist Catch........."The Elusive King Crab"......... and so on. 

Hmm.........King Crab.........yes with tons of melted butttahhh. Shoot I'll be happy with some good ole Snow Crab. Wow, now I have it: Surf and Turf. Rib eyes and Snow Crab smothered in Butttahh. 

Does anyone know of some Crab on sale??? Any kind will do!

First Rib eyes, then Beef Ribs and now Crab. I think my head is spinning. 

Now what to eat tomorrow? I have some pan Sausage in the freezer that needs eating. I need to get some Bacon. I love to cook Bacon and then fry my eggs in the grease. Yum!!! OK: Sausage Omelet with Bacon on the side. Yes, that will fill the bill for my first meal of the day. 

Sorry for the gibberish, but what the hey! 

So what's up for the weekend? Tomorrow I have an obligation. I was thinking of going to Rudy's BBQ to Meat up with some fellow (ZC)ers, but I can't get out of the obligation. Hey there will always be another time.

Sunday my siblings want to take my Mom out to an Italian restaurant. OK, a (ZC)er in an Italian restaurant. Hooray....not!!! Since (ZC) I avoid those eating establishments like the plague. Some might say: "they have grilled chicken breast" or "they have grill Pork Chops"........ well I am not a big fan of Chicken Breast. If I have them on rare occasions I make Chicken Salad out of them. I like Pork Chops, but I rather eat them elsewhere. 

OK y'all just stretching the ole fingers here. Just chilling from the last experiment and enjoying LIFE.

Have a wonderful day and weekend! Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er And the Beat Goes ON


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