Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I would like to Thank all of you that have welcomed me to this site. I still have a lot to learn, but there is a wealth of info here that will help me accomplish my goals.

My ultimate goal is to eat strickly meat (beef) and water. I feel that when I can get to that stage I will be at the peak of my health and my body would have adjusted to a "right" size. I have noticed that beef satisfies me more that chicken, eggs or pork.

I discovered LC way back when it was a big fad. I’m sure everyone and their mama can remember the hundreds of (supposable) LC products that hit the shelves at the big chain stores. Well this caught my attention and I decided to investigate it. Being a former Nursing student (all the way to my Senior Year) I had a little science background and found out the science behind lowering your Carbs to lose weight made sense. I look at all the plans out their and decided that Protein Power fit me the best. I lost a lot of weight and kept it off for two years. I gradually levitated towards VLC on my own. The battle I had through the whole ordeal was trying to come up with new and improved recipes and the CRAVINGS. I was a frequent visitor to Lindasue’s site searching for recipes. As soon as the cravings overtook me I gave in. A little here a little there and by the time you know it I was back to my starting point (GROOUND ZERO). Early this year I decided to go VLC again and lost a quick 35 pounds and then the always waiting in the shadows “CRAVINGS” swooped down and started to drag me back to GZ. So before I gained all that I lost I decided to do a preemptive strike and search for a better way. I came upon this site (ZIOH) and read many testimonies of how the cravings for many have ceased once you learned how your body reacts to the food you eat. I thought “Shazam” I have found the “Sacred Challis” of eating. The science behind this WOE makes sense to me. 
So here I am.

I made my first Oopsie Rolls last week with just eggs and cream cheese and they came out just like the pics I've seen posted. They tasted pretty good. I had one today with a 1/3 pound homemade burger and a little cheese. I plan to make another batch sometime next week using ricotta an a little garlic powder or Italian seasoning. I'll post a pic if they come out right. I also use a muffin top pan. They slide right out without any oil or parchment paper.
BTW most people call me Dave

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Everyone, I am pleased to join this community. I have been reading Journals, and other discussion topics. I have LC and VLC on and off for the last six years. Along with that I rode the weight loss & gain rollercoaster, and the ride has not been fun. I came across the ZIOH from reading LC forums. After reading the information at this site and reading about the experiences of some of the members I decided it made a lot of sense to start this WOE. Today marks one complete week of ZC and I feel very good. I have lost a lot of water weight. So far my energy levels are good. I actually have "0" cravings at this point. I almost hate to say it's been easy so far. I eat mostly beef in the form or Hamburger or Steak, some Chicken, some Pork, eggs, a little cheese (no soy), I use some salt free seasoning mix, I drink a cup of plain hot Green Tea in the morning instead of my regular coffee and I drink lots of WATER!!

I will upload a Pic very soon. Most of all I am glad to be here and I hope to contribute as much as I take.
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