Sunday, July 25, 2010


I made my famous lasagna for my DW, I had enough ingredients to make a second one slightly smaller. I called the my friend (the one that was recently married) and told him he had first dibs on the second one. He said that he was on the way. He has been boasting to his new bride about my lasagna for the longest. I hope it lives up to its name. 

My spirits are better now that the day is wearing on. I ate this morning about
7:30am. I would usually be hungry by now, but I have no appetite. Maybe it had to do with the cooking. The funny thing is that when I cook something that is not (ZC) it feels funny not tasting my creations. Cooking non (ZC) does not bother me at all. If DW does not believe in this WOE it’s her choice. She does not have an once to lose so she probably thinks her diet works fine for her.

I never mentioned this before, but I was taking a low dose BP med be fore I started (ZC). My Doc told me that I have been borderline on the high side and finally prescribe me low dose meds. I stopped taking the meds about two months ago, roughly one month before (ZC). We bought a home BP machine yesterday and today I check myself after I ate and it read 115/79. Boy is my Doc going to be shocked especially after I tell him that I quit the meds a while back. I’m not going to have my next annual checkup until late December. I usually go late August, but I want to see if I can reduce my weight a bit more before I go. The last time I saw him I think I was at about
245 lbs. 

I am not looking forward to doing some yard work in a few hours when it cools off outside a bit. I guess I can always put a load of cloths in the washer. 

I ended up finding a small stash of flash frozen steaks in the freezer. So I may have a little more steaks to eat before I go on my GB tour. 

No desire for carbs, defiantly no desire to cheat. 

(ZC)ers do it better 


Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):7
Cravings: None
Today's Menu: Steak, H2O

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