Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today was a little different. My hunger has really dropped. I ate my first steak (5oz) at 8:30AM and my second steak (5oz) at 5:00PM. Usually by now I would have eaten three times. I used to be a big cheese fan and now I can take it or leave it.

No cravings for carbs so far (that’s a good thing). I’ve been explaining (ZC) to family, coworkers and friends. I don’t believe in hiding my WOE. I tell it like it is. As a matter of fact: twice I have eaten a steak wrapped in a napkin during meetings with other supervisors and my boss. The meetings are informal and we often eat. So I sat there with my steak wrapped in a napkin chomping away. Hey, when you’re hungry you’re hungry.

So far I have cooked meals for my DW that are anything but (ZC) and it does not bother me. I baked some sour cream orange muffins (from scratch) on Sunday for her. The only thing I liked about the muffins was the smell of the fresh orange zest as I grated the orange.

This is only the start of my fourth week on (ZC). I feel that my journey has been relatively smooth. If it wasn’t for tummy troubles (trying not to be graphic) about every other day, It would be close to ideal.

At this point I think of (ZC) at the moment and not beyond. This keeps me STRONG.


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