Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8/31/2010 Daily Update

Today is another Glorious day in the Life of (ZC). No Cravings for Carbs, No Cheats and best of all No Tummy Troubles. The last one can be a (ZC) killer.

I guess I have a bit of that euphoric feeling today. It is not as high as I have experienced it in the past, but it’s all good. I really enjoy the time I spend here. I continue to learn as I read Journals and I feel very comfortable with this WOE.

Last night I was thinking about my Journey with (ZC). I was trying to reason why some people make it and why some people fail. So I have been spending time looking at Journals that have been Locked or not Active for a long time. I noticed that some New Members come racing out of the shoot with a lot of enthusiasm for this WOE (Good). They began to Journal what they eat and how it affects them. Then gradually in some of those Journals I see where some New Members get offended by some “Tough Love” and want to quit the forum or just can't deal with the change. I also notice where some New Members get totally "Off Track" by Journaling about their personal life and not much on their (ZC) experience. 

I learned a lot form those Journals. Sometimes you have to have a thick skin. This was just an observation. 

I hope everyone has a great (ZC) Day!!

(ZC) University

Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):8
Cravings: None
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket, H2O

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