Monday, September 13, 2010

9/13/2010 Change

A funny thing happened at work today. One of my employees had a monthly news letter form June of 2009. On the cover featured a picture of my department. All of my employees took a group shot and I was in the shot off to the side behind them. She told me "Look, I can't even recognize you". I was really big in the picture. My face was so swollen and puffy. It was almost scary. What a wake up call. I thought to myself as I looked at the picture "Never Again!". Well she went around the office showing the picture to all the employees. It was a little embarrassing and gratifying at the same time. 

Sunday at my sisters baby shower I received a lot of compliments form friends and family that I have not seen in a while. My BI and I went back to the party towards the end to help wrap things up. My sister thats a year younger than me (not the one having the baby) is the one thats kind of a health concise person. She is in the camp with (DW) about eating a balanced meal. I swear she still looks at me like I'm crazy for following this WOE. My sister asked me what about your fiber intake to help clean out your system. I told her why would I run sandpaper through my system and scrape it up when I can lube it and make things move smoothly. I went on to explain how fiber does not break down and that the human body is designed to utilize fat and meat to provide all the nutrients we need. It was pretty much a useless conversation. Oh Well. She understands the LC concept, but can not cross over to (ZC). Her loss. 

Another interesting observation for today was an employee from another department saw the picture that my employee was showing everyone and congratulated me. I kinda know him a little. He is about 150 pounds overweight. I tried to help him a couple of years ago when I lost a lot of weight on LC. I set him up on a program and made a customize guide for him. He could not stick to the program for a week. So today he asked what I did to lose the weight and I explained the (ZC) core program. He then asked me about "CHEAT DAYS". I was blunt with him and said " There is no such thing as Cheat Days, if you are asking about that, you are not ready for (ZC)." I told him that frame of mind has already set you up for failure. He agreed and walk off. 

At the end of the day I had some interactions with people that really made me think. I am definitely here to stay. (ZC) has become a big part of me. 



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