Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/2010 Daily Update

If I could do it all again...... My Spirits and Energy are good. No cravings for carbs, no cheats and no tummy troubles.

I wish I would have taken the advice of a wise member and just eaten before I went to Dim Sum. So what if I would be the only one not eating. It was not miserable, but not very pleasant and Salty. Anyway never again.

One interesting thing. We decided to go grocery shopping at a huge Asian market. (DW), MI and FI had a field day buying tons of cheap produce and other assorted items. They also hit the Asian bakery and Loaded up.

Not wanting to participate in ""Sacrilegious"" activities I wondered over to a corner of the store were a couple of guys had a food stand set up. It could have been straight out the Third World. They had: Ducks, Chickens and Strips of Pork tenderloin hanging from hooks cooked and ready for "Duty". Below the hanging meats was a steam table filled with an assortment of pure ethnic dishes. I could not recognize some of them. Not the typical fare at an Asian restaurant. All of this was interesting, but what really caught my eye was the Whole Pig that was being hoisted to the hook at the end of the line from other Meats. It had the look of being deep fried. I have been to other Asian Markets and have seen the huge standing ovens where these "Heavenly Bodies" are put in Whole and cooked (toasted and roasted). The outside skin is all Crispy. I ran over a few poor customers to look at the Pig. It was protected from "ME" by a Glass Case. As I stared at it I thought I heard angels singing in the background
 "AAAAHHHH" lol.

I told the little dude behind the glass "One Pound Please" while never taking my eyes off the Pig. He took his meat clever and sliced off the portion between the head and ribs. OMG there was no bone: Just Crispy Skin, a nice thick layer of Fat and Meat. I sampled a piece: Crispy, Tender and Delicious. The only downer is that it was a bit salty sorta like the Dim Sum.

Needless to say I ate all the Pork for my first meal of today. I feel like a I have retained a lot of water. No more Asian delights unless I cook them myself.

***Can any of you lend me an oven that will fit a whole pig and by the way can any of you donate a whole dressed pig hahaha!!! Right?***

No!!! I only smoke a small cigar once in awhile thank you very MUCH.

Well I think my Chicken Thigh run will end soon I have a couple of days of supplies left. I am defrosting a 10 Lbs Fatty Beef Brisket and will slow cook it tomorrow. I also already thawed out three Rib eyes that I will grill today for emergency food. I always cut these in half before I flash free them.

I had a upward move on the scale today: 221.8lbs. No worries.

Enjoy the rest of your (ZC) Weekend Y'ALL

(ZC) What's Old is New


Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):8
Cravings: None
Today's Menu: Pork, H2O

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