Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10/12/2010 Daily Update

What an Eventful Day. My Energy and Spirits are Up. No craving for carbs, no cheats, and no tummy troubles!!!

How much is Dave eating: Inquiring Minds Want to Know lol!!! Now that’s a real Simple answer: Enough hahaha!!!

I have been accused of Starving Myself. That really makes me feel Sad. I don't like to have to Defend Myself for following what I thought was right on (ZC): Eat to Hunger and Drink to Thirst. I don't Anticipate Hunger. For Me it's real Simple: Tummy Rumbles = Time to Eat. After I eat I am fully Satisfied until my next encounter which may be later that day or the next day. I refuse to Eat when I am not Hungry and I am not going to practice that. I listen to my body. Is that somehow Wrong? Am I missing Something? I Truly and Honestly want to know. From what I have read I should be on the right track. Right???

One thing I can tell you is that at the point that I increased my Fat intake my hunger decreased. I assumed it was because of the increased Caloric intake. I try to stay away from Dairy and Salty foods because through Trial and Error I found out that these foods cause gains or slows down weight loss for ME.

Brisket: The Problem I had with it in the past was that it would sit in the Fridge so long, about a week or more, that it began to taste nasty. It took me about that long to finish it. Now I have a New and Improved way of storing it so that by the second or third meal it will taste almost as good as the first. I will simply make 8oz packs of it in sandwich bags and freeze them. 

I can’t and won’t Speak for anyone but Myself: I try to make (ZC) as Fun and Exciting as Possible. I do this through many avenues: Daily Weigh-ins, Trial and Error on certain (ZC) foods, Weighing and Packaging my meals for work and Most of all Keeping My Journal as Up to Date as Possible. I find this Fun and Interesting. It keeps me going Strong. I Love to wake up to another Great Day In (ZC) Land. 

I’m not Going Anywhere. I’m Here to Stay. (ZC) is my path to Healthy Living. 

And That My Friends and Family is the End of the Story and the Beginning to a Long and Happy Life.

(ZC) Need I Say More


Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):8
Cravings: None
Today's Menu: Chicken Thighs, H2O

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