Sunday, October 17, 2010

10/17/2010 Daily Update

Rocky: Retired. My Spirits and Energy Levels are good. No cravings for Carbs, No Cheats and Slight Tummy Troubles.

I had a minor bout with Tummy Troubles last night and this morning. Nothing Major and no Pain. I am having yet another LA Day (Lazy A$$). From the Moment I woke I promptly set myself up on the Patio. My setup: uncover the furniture, place out two folding tables: one in front of the chair I'm sitting at for my laptop and one to the left of that chair to hold H20 and ash tray if I decide to partake in a cigar, fire up the CD player with one of many Guitar Instrumentals, fire up the two pond pumps to let the small water fall and fountain run. Lastly plop my REAR in the Chair and Enjoy. I just love the Mixture of the morning Birds, Guitar music and the sound of the Fountain and Water Fall all together. NOW that is true Music to MY EARS lol!!! The Instrumental Music that I enjoy is from the Renisance Period and Spanish Guitar. I also enjoy some Modren retro type of music from two diffient Artist that used to perform together. They performed togher as "E Muzeki" their groups now are: "Wine & Alchemey"; and "Circa Paleo" I just love this type of music. Its a combination of Greek, Middle East, Renisance and others. Good stuff to mellow out to IMO. I came across them before the split up at the The Texas Renaissance Festival when they performed together as E Muzeki. They now perform there in their new groups. I can't wait to see them and buy a couple of new CDs.

I just finished my first meal of today: Rib eye with a pat of Butter. Yummy to the tenth degree lol!!! I do plan on some light yard work later today. Leaves are beginning to Fall.

I almost forgot: Now this morning was a sight to see. (DW) could hardly contain herself with the thought of eating that cake I made last night. When I got up she was scurrying around in the Kitchen. She had the cake on the island and "Ready for the Attack". Golly I just had to laugh at this full grown woman acting like a 5 yr old lol. She served herself a large portion and Baam it was gone. She was in pure ecstasy! Poor thing.

Have a Nice (ZC) Day!!!

For those interested or just curious these are the links to the groups. They have extended samples on all three sites.

Circa Paleo:

Wine and Alchemy:

E Muzeki:

(ZC) Gonna Relax Now


Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):8
Cravings: None
Today's Menu: Rib eye and H2O

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