Monday, October 4, 2010

10/4/2010 Weekly Update

Greetings All, My Spirits and Energy are well. No cravings for carbs, No cheats and No tummy troubles. 
Today marks 15 weeks of (ZC) and this is my Progress Report: 

6/21/10=260lbs 6/28/10=255lbs 7/5/10=252lbs 7/12/10=247.5lbs 7/19/10=245.8lbs 7/26/10=245.6lbs 8/2/10=244.8lbs 8/9/10=240.6lbs 8/16/10=240.4lbs 8/23/10=239.8lbs 8/30/10=238.4lbs 9/6/10=234.2lb 9/13/10=230.2lbs 9/20/10=228.8lbs 9/27/10=225.6lbs 10/4/2010=221.6

I had a real pleasant weekend. It was a mixed bag of Rest and Activities. I had some good quality time with Mum. My thighs are still sore "ouch". 

I dropped off my Mum at my sisters home yesterday and my sister was having a small get together. My other sister was there that I have not seen in about month. She noticed a big difference in my appearance. Her husband was also there and was interested on how I lost my weight. So I gave him the basics of (ZC). He is an avid weight lifter and is pretty muscular though not leaned out. He asked what do I eat for breakfast and I told him that I don't have eating schedules anymore and that I only eat when I am hungry. He look amazed and said that should slow down my metabolism. I told him that I guess my metabolism must not know that "Rule". BTW while helping Mum, I looked through her digital camera and found pics form the 4th of July 2009. She had three good before pics of me. I almost wanted to gag. I would post them now, but I think they would be better in reserve for the "Before and After" pics when I get to where I need to be.

Well as a testament to (ZC) I showed the pics on Mum's camera to my sisters, Both BI (s) and another couple and they were in awe. The same BI I mentioned earlier also questioned me about my cholesterol because of my high fat intake. Whatever!!!

I was looking at my GB supply and it is rather low. I think I have about two servings left. I have a whole Fatty Beef Brisket in the freezer and might consider slow cooking it or I just might stick with the GB. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions lol!!! 

I am totally committed to (ZC), No Surrender! No Retreat! I have only Yet Begun to Fight! Though the War for my very Soul still rages on, I have Won many Battles. Throughout this Campaign there has been many Difficulties and there has been Pain. I have over come those obstacles and I am ready to Rise to the Occasion should they raise their heads. BATTLE ON!!! STAY STRONG!!!! LIVE LONG!!!

(ZC)ers Hear the Call, There's No Easy Way OUT


Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):8
Cravings: None
Today's Menu: GB, H2O

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