Sunday, November 14, 2010

11/14/2010 The Battle for San Antonio Fogo de Choa

The Battle for San Antonio Fogo de Choa

This was a most successful Campaign a most successful Campaign Indeed. Though against Incredible Odds, Victory eventually Prevailed. 

A Battle Plan was laid out: we formed a line of defense broken down into two main Battle Formations. First Formation: Charlie Company - Debby on the right Flank, Charles in the Middle and Larry on the Left Flank. Second Formation: Easy Company - Karen on the Right Flank, Dave in the Middle and Linda on the Left Flank. Reconnaissance Missions: Mel, Allied Support Command: Teri.

From the beginning we were overcome by a wide variety of ordnance. They came at us from all sides. We held the line and staved of the assault. Time and time again just when we thought we had seen the last of it, a new wave rained down upon us. In the Heat of the battle the lines were overran. At this point there was confusion up and down the lines. We were engaged in hand to hand combat and by the grace of God we were able to once more hold the line. Now we had to fall back and regroup. All appeared lost………….When form out of the Jaws of defeat a ray of hope presented itself. Recon reports reveled a weakness that would turn the tide. New lines were formed with the aid of Allied Troops. We change our posture from defense to an all out offensive. We attacked without mercy and took no prisoners. Victory Was Ours!!!

(ZC)ers Battle On!!!


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