Monday, November 29, 2010

11/29/2010 Thanksgiving Day & Intro (The Great Schism)

This is the first full post that I made at the Forum when I returned from Cozumel. One of the Members became highly Upset because of the pictures I posted and because I joked around about caving in to Carbs. It should be noted that I have joked in the past about caving into carbs in my posts, but not to this degree. Some members found it funny some did not. Then a slew of postings on my Journal referenced that people who serve SAD to family members who were SAD are considered "Enablers". At this Point I knew that I must move my regular Journal postings elsewhere. I have always Chronicled my Journey through Zero Carb Honestly and from the Heart. I felt that I would have to start posting watered down entries in order not to offend anyone. I have to have a true account of my Journey, which includes cooking and serving SAD to family and friends who think my way of eating is dangerous and crazy. I have been a True (ZC)er from the start and must continue on that path. It is with a HEAVY HEART that I must post here. I just cannot take the chance that I may hurt someone in my (ZC) Family, regardless if I agree with them or not. I will always be a proud member of the Forum. I will always answer Replies in my Journal and go to other Journals to visit and give support.

Greetings All, let me start off by saying I am glad to be Back!! I would like to post first about a more recent event: Thanksgiving. I do most if not almost all the cooking in my house. I have posted in the past that it does not bother me to cook SAD. So how did Dave handle Turkey Day? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

I decided to cook some old favorites along with some new ones. The one thing that I did not have to cook was the Turkey because we ended up with a Smoked Turkey. (DW) just loves it and I like it too. I started off the day tearing up a small rack of Beef Ribs and they were simply Yummy beyond belief if you know what I mean Vern. I was in a really good mood. I guess you might call it “Beef Rib Syndrome“ lol.

Back to the Menu. I made a couple of new side dishes that I never cooked before: the first one was New potatoes, hmmm sounds boring right? Well I quartered three pounds new potatoes, drizzled them with EVOO, three crushed garlic cloves, rosemary, thyme, kosher salt and cracked black pepper. I placed all the ingredients in a large bowl. Tossed them and placed them on a jellyroll pan to oven roast them to perfection. The second new side dish was carrots and parsnips. Yes I know boring again. I just peeled and quartered 2 pounds of each. Then oven roasted them in separate jellyroll pans with kosher salt and carked black pepper. When they were done, I tossed the them together with a glaze of honey, butter and balsamic vinegar that I sautéed in sauce pan. I also made some old traditional sides: cornbread stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole with walnut, pecan crumb topping, homemade cranberry sauce with pine nuts and roasted turkey gravy from a jar. Oh lets not forget the cocktail size butter croissants. AND for the Grand Finally I made for the first time and from scratch (may I add) a Pumpkin Roll. It was an instant hit!!!




THEN THINGS started to go AWRY……………I am only human. Like the song says: of flesh and blood I’m made. It all started when I was cooking. A small taste of this, a small taste of that and so on and so on. It was all for the sake of seasoning. At least that’s what I convinced myself at the time. So that was the attitude I took while cooking. I have been on the ball for 5 months so what is a little taste going to do? Unfortunately that pattern of thinking followed me to the dinner table. First I got a small spoon of this, that and the other. Since I put a little gravy on just about everything, I just couldn’t pass up a croissant. It was only cocktail size. Yes, that made perfect sense in my carb infested mind. (DW) was elated that I decided to eat a "balance meal". OMG what have I done?? Well I’m sure you can guess the rest of the story, if not let me elaborate: the small spoons turned to big spoons. I just HATE Myself!! To top it off I thought “What the Hell” and got a slice of that Pumpkin Roll. At that point I just didn't care.

So this is wear I stand. I messed up like a big dog. I have let myself down as well as anyone else out there who thought I was the Man of Steel. I should be *Flogged, *Whipped and *Beaten to a Pulp for letting you Think that I would Desecrate this Temple of God. So what did Dave really eat for Thanksgiving? All the Garbage I made for the others………NOT!!! I simply ate a nice plate of Smoked Turkey. It was so juicy that I ate both the White and the Dark meat. Keep the Faith!!!

(ZC) The Boys are Back in Town


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