Sunday, December 12, 2010

12/12/2010 (DW) Christmas Party 2010 & Daily Update

Ho Ho Ho!!! My Spirits and Energy Levels are Great. No cravings, No cheats, and No tummy troubles.

(DW)'s Christmas party was a really nice event. there had to be close to a thousand folks in attendance. We had a great time. They actually had a real good live band that played a wide variety of music and were very professional. (DW) seemed to really enjoy herself. Unfortunately for me, (DW) does not like to dance. Now that is a small Dilemma for me. I used to be a disco duck in the day. No really. I swear on a Stack of Rib eyes that I would dance my fanny off. I would get all kinds of nice compliments about the way I danced. Some of those compliments were from total strangers that just happen to observe me. Oh Well.

Now for the Nitty Gritty: the Food. Well it was basically like last years. A whole Onslaught of Carbs with a few, but decent (ZC) choices.
Salad Anyone?
Green beans (Lets Go Green)
Some kind of Veggie Mix ( Oh Boy!!)
Wild Rice (Wild and Crazy)
Mashed Potatoes (do the twist?)
Gotta have the Gravy
and Bread to Sop it UP!!!

Now if this was not enough, there was a Second Wave of Carbs waiting for the ambush. Now Let me tell you a little story behind these dessert pictures. While I was taking these pictures a rather overweight couple paused as I was doing the deed. Well I was minding my own (ZC) business when the rather Portly gentlemen said to his mate "see if you take pictures of it, you don't have to eat it." and then they started to laugh. OH HELL NO. No you didn't. So I came back with: "I haven't eaten them for over five months and I have lost 56 pounds, Enjoy your Dessert why don't you". I swear to God both their mouths hung open. Only for a second. Then they went into a frenzy of scarfing up the desserts onto their plates. OH WELL!

Dessert Anyone?
Oh Yum??
Barf Time
Oh Holiday Cookies (Well that's "A" OK)
Dear Wife's choices of dessert (OMG poor thing)

Just when the day seemed lost, my back up units fell into play. Here are some Friendly forms of food that I was able to eat:
Salmon (I had to scrape it a bit) Oh ignore that red thing next to it
Good Old Roasted Turkey
Roast Beef (the Crown Jewel)

Some may wonder why I post all the carbs. Well this is a true Chronicle of my Journey through Zero Carb. It would be an incomplete picture to only show what I actually ate and not all the temptation and "On the Spot Choices" that I had to make. Decisions, Decisions and Again Decisions. Day to Day is always a struggle. I have said (ZC) is easy and it is. The choices are obvious making the actual choice is not.Yes, my Friends and (ZC) Family this is reality for me everyday. I must be Strong. I will be Strong. I have to be Strong. I refuse to go back to the way it was.I have been on (ZC) for a little less than six months. Eating all the carbs posted here would have been an easy thing for me to do in the not so recent past. Not only easy but it would have felt natural (I think I'm going to be Sick).

Oh, you want one  more picture, OK. the next one is the plate of food I ate that night. Funny thing, once I was accused of starving myself because I am losing weight a nice pace. Look at the amount on that plate, Starving? Really? LETS GET REAL:
Dave's Dinner

This is a Day in the Life of Dave. No hogwash, just true events the way they happen. The Road I have chosen is not an easy one to follow in this world. People think I am crazy for my (WOE). Dave says "LET THEM THINK". Crazy? Yes indeed Crazy like a Fox!!! Whatever that means hahaha!!! Hey it sounded good at the time. Give Me a Break, Why don't Ya!!!

At the End of the day: I will Be Strong, I won't Give up. I will PREVAIL!!! So for the Big Question: What was Dave's Weigh-in this morning.........well you know I ate late last night, and I did smell a lot of carbs especially all those things in the dessert area.

So I  kinda.......sorta...........had another all time low on (ZC) Go Figure!!!


(ZC) Spreading Holiday Joy


Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):9
Rocky Stage: Trying Hard Now
Today's Menu: Lamb Breast and Rib eyes and H2O


  1. Since it's Sunday I'll leave a churchy response on your weigh in "HOLEY MOLEY"
    Good job and will continue to look for you in onderland.

  2. Thanks Teri, it's going right along. Funny thing, I wish that I could get it over with. The anticipation is killing me. I just have a weird feeling. I think because I have not been there is so, so long. I think I feel like I will be another person. I can only describe it as Strange. Thanks for all your posts on my Blog. I appreciate your visits and comments. You are always such a Dear. Battle On Teri!!!

    (ZC)Comrades In Arms


  3. Great post Dave! Can't wait to see you cross out your 199 mini-goal!****

  4. Thank you my (ZC )Friend****. I can't wait and get it over with lol!!! AS I commented above the anticipation is something else. Thanks for your support. Keep the Faith!!!

    (ZC)er Up to the Challenge




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