Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12/22/2010 Daily Update

Good Day All. My Spirits and Energy Levels are great. No cravings, No cheats and No tummy troubles.

Sorry for the late post. I am off until next Tuesday for Christmas. I took off early morning to pick up Mum to spend the day with her. I met up in the afternoon with (DW) and the (IL)s for lunch. We went to nice seafood restaurant called The Rock Fish. I had an 8oz rare Flat Iron Steak and 5 Jumbo grilled Shrimp. I gave my two side veggies to (DW). The food there was very good. We had a blast. We later walk down the Water Way and took a ride on the Trolley. I swear The Woodlands was designed with convince in mind. We later went to my favorite spot: Hubble and Hudson. We walked around looking at all the imported goods from Europe and bought some small Christmas gifts. We are now spending some time together at the home front just chilling and listening to Christmas music. I wish it was cold enough to put the fireplace on. It is near the 80s and way too hot. We will have the big dinner on Christmas Day because (DW) works on Christmas Eve.

I Tell You What: That Flat Iron Steak was totally delicious. It does not have much fat, but the Steak is so tender. Before (ZC) Flat Iron was my favorite steak. I have even over cook it and it is still tender. I just wish it had more fat. The Grilled Shrimp was also nice. I do like Snow Crab a lot especially drowned in plain sweet cream butter.

Well my Friends and (ZC) Family I am living the Life. I am looking forward to a full day on Christmas cooking for family and friends. Mum will be able to joins us on that day. This really made my day. She will spend Christmas Eve with my sister. I will have some international guests from China. Tomorrow I will have my annual check up. I will have them do an extensive blood test to include checking the LDLs. No calculation for me. I want to know if the particle size is healthy. So I am willing to pay the extra $100.00 for the test if the insurance does not want to pay for it. I will post the results.

Have a great (ZC) day my Friends and (ZC) Family Keep On Keeping On and Battle On!!!

(ZC) Hanging Tough Staying Hungry
Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):9
Rocky Stage: Won't Be Long Now
Today's Menu: Flat Iron Steak, Grilled Shrimp and H20

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