Saturday, December 25, 2010

12/25/2010 Daily Update and Merry Christmas

lMerry Christmas All! My Spirits and Energy are on the up and up. No cravings, no cheats and no tummy troubles.

Tis the Season my Friends and Zero Carb Family, to be thankful. I Tell You What: I had a most delightful Christmas Celebration. We had Friends and Family and Guests. They were from: China, Canada, Clear Lake, The Texas Medical Center and of course The Woodlands. The oldest was 83 yrs old and the youngest was 2 yrs old. We talked, laughed and I almost burst out in song. Well I had to get a grip. No need to scare anyone with my yodeling . Hahaha!!! We made sure to have gifts for all. It was a delight to see our guest get an unexpected gift. Yes, the gifts were modest. Yet I made sure that they were practical and wouldn't be re-gifted later lol!

I Tell You What: I almost messed up big time. I calculsated that the Roasted Turkey would take about 21/2 hours to cook and the Ham about 3 hours to cook. Well after re-doing the Ham calculation, it ended up being closer to 6 hours. YIKES!!! That would have met that the Ham would not be ready by almost 2 hours past dinner time. Well my Friends and Zero Carb Family I was up the creek with only a Turkey Drumstick to paddle with. Then I thought, and yes I know that can be Dangerous, I could use my Electric Roaster! That baby cooks quick. I love the way the meats come out in it. So the day was saved by the "Rival Roaster Oven". Yippee!!!

Menu consisted of: Roasted Herb Turkey, an Old Fashioned Country Ham, Dirty Rice, Mixed Roasted Veggies, Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole with Walnut/ Hazelnut Crumb topping, Red and Green Grape Salad, Whole Cranberry/Orange  Sauce, Roasted Turkey Gravy, Garlic Bread and Buttered Croissants.

Just click on the pictures to enlarge them if you Dare!!! So (ZC)ers may faint at the sight of such offensive carbs. As for me? I live in the Real World and have to live with Carbs in my Face all the time. No Worries!

So this was the Spread. I had a lot of Fun. I cooked and served everything. I have mentioned before that cooking is a passion for me. I don't care what it is. I just have fun creating it and getting feed back on the results. Especially now that I do not partake in the eating of most the things I make now a days. I don't sample anything that is not (ZC). From my vast experience in the kitchen, seasoning is pretty easy to guess, especially when I am following a recipe. 

I hope that Everyone had a Very Merry Christmas!! I sure did!!! Battle On my Friends and (ZC) Family!!!

(ZC) All Things are Possible


Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):8
Rocky Stage: Getting Strong Now
Today's Menu: Roasted Turkey, Ham and H20

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