Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12/29/2010 Daily Update - The Winds of War

A New Year on the Horizon. My Spirits and Energy Levels are Great. No cravings, no cheats and no tummy troubles.

Hi my Friends and Zero Carb Family. The smell of War is in the Air. At present I am battling through the 190's in order to get to my next Mini Goal of 189 lbs. All is fare on that front at the present. I want to start a real easy exercise regiment to help tone and firm up. I am talking real EASY. First I must go thru my garage and get rid of a lot of junk. I moved to The Woodlands almost three years ago and there are things in boxes and in large totes that have not been open since I got here. I believe that I may have a few things I need, but most can be tossed. That in itself will be a nice little exercise session. Then (don't laugh too loud) I will break out the old "Soloflex". I have the whole gizmo and I plan to use it before the end of January. That is one of my Goals for 2011. That will be a whole new War front for me. So it looks like a two War front for me: One war is on the Food Front, the other War will be on the Exercise Front. Believe me, I will not stress about it. I have worked out with weights in the past. I am familiar with free weights and a variety of machines to include the "Soloflex" that I bought back in the day. 

I have a pretty good understanding about exercising. I also understand that building muscle will increase weight (in a good way) and to take that into consideration when weighing myself. I really just want to tone and tighten some muscle groups.  Belive me this will be a real slow process. I have not taken measurements of myself during this weight loss. When I actually start to workout with the “Soloflex” I will take measurements at that time and keep a log. I plan on having fun with this whole process. So maybe one day I will have a custom T-shirt made that will read “Body by ZC/Soloflex”  Hahaha!!! Once again I am getting WAY Ahead of myself lol!!! One day at a time Dave. Just keep plugging away day by day. OK all better Now.
Have a Great (ZC) my Friends and (ZC) Family. Keep On Keeping On and Battle On!!!

(ZC) The Next Generation

Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):9
Rocky Stage: Getting Strong Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket and H20

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