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We went to Cozumel for our Anniversary. I surprised (DW) and upgraded our airline tickets to First Class on the first leg of our trip. I Tell You What: (DW) was pleasantly surprised. She has never flown First Class. It was sure nice not to have to wait in long lines at the Airport. For those who might be thinking how did the Screening go with TSA? the answer is "NO" we did not have to get “X-Rayed” or did anyone "Touch My Junk" hahaha!!! It was just business as usual. I have to admit it has been awhile since I have flown First Class and it was simply Great. I could get used to that lol! (DW) was Ecstatic!

We stayed at the Park Plaza Resort. A small but super clean and beautiful place. It had a Mayan/Jungle theme to it. I swear they had folks continuously cleaning and keeping up maintenance.

The following pics are from our room located on the top floor (9th). It was a most beautiful view:

The Cruise Ship Terminal was located to the left of the Resort. It was so cool to see the Ships come in and out. At night they had their lights on and you could hear the ships horn as they came in and out. At times there would be 5 to 7 Ships dock there. We walked over to the terminal to check out the Flea Market setup for the passengers. We also had one day of “Day Trippers” from the Cruise Ships. You could Identify them by their White wrist bands. Ours were Green. I think they paid something like $40.00 for all the booze and food you could handle. They had use of all the facilities. They had to leave by 6:00pm and dinner was served at 6:30pm how convenient lol! 

This next set of pics are of the interior grounds. I swear it was so beautiful and super duper clean.

Next will be the temptation that I was surrounded by for 7 days. Everything was included in the package. So I could eat and drink whatever I wanted the whole time. It could have been a (ZC) Nightmare if my resolve was not strong. I went with (DW) for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. This was our 9th Wedding Anniversary Vacation and I wanted to spend every moment with her. I wasn’t going to let some "Stinking Carbs" get in the way of that. H. E. Double Toothpicks NO!!! I like to give little notes of encouragement to my (ZC) Family such as: Keep the Faith, Stay Strong Live Long and my all time favorite and sort of a trademark (lol) Battle On!!! I Tell You What: I had to Keep all those words of encouragement in my mind as I sat and smiled and engaged in wonderful conversation with my Lovely Bride of Nine years. 

So these are those menacing Carbs that were calling to me, but I: “Stay Strong and Live Long!!!”, “Keep On Keeping On!!!”, “No Surrender!! No Retreat!!”, “Keep the Faith!!!”, and last but not least “Battle On!!!”

Yet there was a “Saving Grace”. The resort had two snack shacks that served burgers among other  carb loaded fare. The resort also had two nice “Dress Up” Restaurants that you had to dress nice and make reservations. They were only open for dinner, which was at 6:30pm. The choice of restaurants were Italian and Mexican. We ate at the Mexican restaurant two times and the Italian 4 times. I did not take pictures of what I ate at the Mexican restaurant. It was Beef Fajitas or at least their version of it. It was ediable. Now the Italian restaurant of all places had two dishes that fit the bill. I ate veal scaloppini the first night. It came with some kind sauce over it, so I told them “hold the sauce”. It was rather good. The Next time we ate at the Italian restaurant I ordered the Beef Filet. It was way over cooked yet tasted good. So the next two times we ate there I ordered it rare and it came rare. Go Figure hahaha!!! I got a pic of the rare one and a pic of the burgers. I told the guy at the snack shack three burgers Meat only. He did not look at me weird or anything. He just grilled them up and served me. So I tipped him a buck or two every time. The burgers were rather lean as well as the steak. Beggars can’t be choosers. I was just happy to have a (ZC) outlet.

So Dave ate Lean Burgers and Steaks. They had a bar with all the things you would put on a burger including some local favorites. I ended up putting some juice of the Pico de Gallo on the burger meat so that I could choke it down. It was OK.

Well last but not least are some pics of  “Yours Truly”. Please no snickering. (DW) opted out being posted. The pics will include me: by the infinity pool, lounging by another pool and a nice sunset pic. I have a short video of the ocean just around sunset.

We had so much fun flying First Class to Cozumel, I decided to surprise my lovely bride once again and upgraded us on the flight home. This last pic is of me on the way back home on the plane.
We spent the majority of the time relaxing by the water and reading. I found a delightful book by the title of “Finding Anna”. I was able to finish it and enjoyed it very much

So that my friends and (ZC) Family was my (ZC) Adventure In Cozumel. Battle On!!!

(ZC) Make It Happen



  1. Hey Dave,
    What a great vacation/anniversary. It looks like you had everything you were looking for. Lot's of R&R. I admire your resolve. You're a real example. Looking forward to sharing (your company) a plate of ribs with you and the San Diego contingency. See you in onederland.

  2. Thanks Teri, I appreciate you stopping by and your comments. We had a great time. It will be fun in San Diego. Did I hear you say Ribs? I bet my pile of bones will be higher than yours. Hahaha!!!Keep the Faith!!!

    (ZC)ers Breaking Meat




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