Thursday, December 9, 2010

12/9/2010 The Moral of the Story Daily Update

Great Day All. My Spirits and Energy Levels are Good. No Cravings for carbs, no cheats and no tummy troubles.

After work yesterday my Dear Wife (DW) had a Christmas party to attend with the women’s association on our street.  Since I do all the cooking in my home I was tasked to make something for her. This year they wanted the ladies to bring appetizers. At first (DW) asked if I would make Deviled Eggs. I have made them in the past and they were a hit at functions at her job. So I thought I would surprise her and make something in addition to the eggs. I ended up making Stuffed Cherry Peppers. I stuffed Prosciutto and Provolone Cheese in them. I have a Deviled Egg Tray that has a large center. The Eggs are on the rim and the stuffed cherry peppers were in the center. I alternated the decorations on the eggs one with paprika one with parsley to give it a green and red Christmas look. The Cherry Peppers came in assorted festive colors of red, orange and green.  Man did the tray look festive or what. I have never made the Stuffed Cherry Peppers and I was optimistic if the ladies were going to like them.  When (DW) returned from the party all were gone. She told me that the food for the most part that the other ladies brought were mostly the Usual “Carb” load Suspects and there was plenty of leftovers. (DW) said the ladies raved about her tray!


So Dave why did you bring up this story of the Christmas party? Thanks for asking that question Teri I knew that I could count on you and your wisdom.  Well this just shows you the power of (you guessed it) ZERO CARB (ZC)!!!  Not So Fast Dave, I just don’t see the connection?? Lisa Maree, I think you brought up a valid point. Let me ELABORATE: What I didn’t tell (DW) and you my Friends and (ZC) Family is that I made the Deviled Eggs (ZC).  Didn’t you use Mayo Dave? That’s made from vegetable oil and that’s not (ZC). OMG I knew that I could count on Teri once again on this matter. I Tell You What: This is how I made the Deviled Eggs (ZC). I mixed the egg yolks with Heavy Whipping Cream (HWC), just enough to get the filling creamy. Then I seasoned the mixture lightly with dill, garlic and onion powder, cracked black pepper and kosher salt. There You Go!!  O.K. Dave that’s nice that you made some (ZC) Deviled Eggs for the ladies, so what is the MORAL OF THE STORY? I’m glad you chimed in again Lisa Maree.

The Moral is that the folks at the party devoured that food that contained the most Protein aka (ZC). I could have easily bought some Roast Beef and rolled them up with Ricotta or Blue Cheese or any assortment of Cheeses and I would bet that (DW) would have still returned with an empty tray.

I did not come to this conclusion of the ladies party until my (DW) came home with an empty tray and described what else was served and that the other trays were still half full towards the end of the party. I thought this was an interesting observation.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the ladies ate the rolled up Prosciutto and Provolone stuffing and threw the pepper away.  This all reminds me of that old tv commercial: “Where’s the Beef?” This is just my interpretation and my impression of the event.

No Surrender!! No Retreat!! My Friends and (ZC) Family!!!

(ZC) It’s Not Too Late


Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):8
Rocky Stage: It’s So Hard Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket and H2O


  1. Great Post!

    I am still 95% ZC, I have a few dirty moments with stevia and avocado or onions, but I am Losing weight and feel like a ball of energy!

    Isn't it great to lose all that extra weight? YES!!
    You look fantastic!
    If you happen to speak to Teri from ZIOH ...tell her to call ME! She has my # and we just had a meat up. I got banned from ZIOH, btw. Oh Well!
    Looking forward to meeting you in January for the meat up in San Diego with Gaby and Teri!!

    ZC has helped me lose weight, I am shrinking!

  2. Hi Jennifer and Thanks. I hope that you can give up those carbs and rejoin the Forum. It looks like your almost there. I sent Teri an email with your request. Keep the Faith!!!

    (ZC) Take Me




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