Monday, January 10, 2011

1/10/2011 - Great News on the Lab Front!!!

I am happy to announce that my doctor has approved for me to take the VAP Choloestrol Test:

VAP (Vertical Auto Profile) Cholesterol Lipid Profile

The VAP® (Vertical Auto Profile) Test is one of the most accurate and comprehensive cholesterol tests available today. It reports 18 separate components of blood cholesterol compared to just four in a standard test.

This comprehensive cholesterol test can identify more lipid abnormalities (which is the #1 risk factor of heart disease) than the standard test and is the only cholesterol test to identify markers for Metabolic Syndrome, a precursor for diabetes.

Your risk of heart disease and diabetes can be reduced with the right preventative treatments – and the VAP Test provides a large amount of information for your doctor to give an accurate diagnosis.

Unlike the standard lipid panel, the VAP Test directly measures LDL. The test is also the only commercially available test that meets the new American Diabetes Association and American College of Cardiology (ADA-ACC) cholesterol guidelines for people at high risk of heart attack and stroke (including people with Type 2 diabetes). The ADA-ACC consensus statement establishes measurement and treatment guidelines for apoB in addition to LDL and non-HDL in high-risk patients. The VAP Test is the first cholesterol profile to comply with updated National Cholesterol Education Program ATP III recommendations for LDL measurement and the only commercially available advanced lipid profile that routinely reports all three lipoprotein parameters considered necessary by the American Diabetes Association and American College of Cardiology expert consensus guidelines.

People with a family history or an existing condition of diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease -- or who are already taking cholesterol lowering medication -- are candidates for the comprehensive VAP (Vertical Auto Profile) Test. In addition, those who don't score within the desirable ranges of the standard cholesterol test can opt for the more detailed test to assist in improved diagnosis by their physician.

I googled the above info. Anyway I plan to take the test tomorrow morning and I will post the result when they come in. I hope it is not Pandora's Box lol. At the end of the day, I have to know.

Pray form Me My Friends and Zero Carb Family. Battle On!!!

(ZC) The Truth will Set You Free



  1. Hi Dave, great progress on your health! That's great you will get your VAP Test and learn more about your cholesterol! The company that makes the test has a blog with its chief medical officer:

    Check it out for more detailed info on the test and your lipids!

  2. Hi Cobble's Corner, I did not notice your comment because it went into the spam box. I unchecked it an it is now posted. Thanks for the information. I will make sure to check the spam box daily to make sure legit comments are not left out. Thank you again for the Heads Up and Battle On!!!

    (ZC) Informed and Ready




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