Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1/11/2011 - Daily Update - Courage Under Fire

Good Day All. My Spirits and Energy Levels are good. No cravings, no cheats and no tummy troubles.
Friends, Zero Carbers and Countrymen lend me your ear or should I say Rib eye lol! I am a little lost today. For some reason I was thinking it was Tuesday. So tomorrow will be my big day to San Diego for the Mini Meat-Up.   

Well as I type this daily update my boss walks in with several boxes of doughnut shop treats. Two dozen plain glazed doughnuts, two dozen chocolate covered doughnuts, one dozen chocolate doughnuts and a dozen ham and cheese kolaches. I am hungry and I wanted to wait until I finished this update before I ate my first meal of the day.  For a moment………….YES, only for a moment I had the bright idea that I would take one of the kolaches and break it open and eat the ham and what little cheese that would be left on it. I quickly dismissed the idea and broke out the Fatty Beef Brisket and warmed it up and I am munching as I type.

The Human Factor came into play for me. I stood strong. I will tell you the truth: not for one minute did I even imagine eating one of those doughnuts. Just the brief idea of the kolaches crossed my mind.  Speaking about Fatty Beef Brisket, Man this one came out full of flavor and tender as the day is long. I would have to say it is possibly the best I have ever made. It did not have a large smoke ring, yet the hickory flavor is throughout the meat.

I Tell You What: I stubbed the heck out of my toe in the shower this morning. I caught my big toe left on the edge of the entrance. I have been walking with a slight limp lol! Jeez. Oh well that’s the life of a (ZC)er! Hahaha!!!

I had another All Time Low on (ZC) = 195.6lbs

Have a Great Day My Friends and (ZC) Family. No Surrender!! No Retreat!!

(ZC) Courage Under Fire


Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):8
Rocky Stage: Won’t Be Long Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket and H20

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