Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/2011 - THE TIME IS NOW

Greetings My Friends and (ZC) Family. I go through my days constantly planning and thinking of my next move on (ZC). What? Are you truly surprised? Let me let you in on some cold hard facts: (ZC)ers are the odd balls in the world of Carbs. We are constantly assaulted on all sides with low cost Carbage. For those who are new to (ZC) and those who are not strong on (ZC) may succumb to relentless offerings. 

This is why I take the stand that I am at Battle at all times. This is a strategy I personally take to battle with temptations. Yes Indeed I may have a Strong Will, Yes I have Determination, but at the end of the day I am Human. My Friends and Zero Carb Family we always must consider the Human Factor. We are not some kind of Super Hero.............but we can become Champions. Victory is always at hand. Well what  is Victory to you Dave? Great Questions if I must say so myself. Victory is when I decide a holiday is not the time to give in to temptations of Holiday Fare, Victory is finding a choice at a restaurant that is (ZC) not almost (ZC) and having to the will to leave if nothing is offered or worse case scenario eat later, Victory is looking Alcohol in the face and saying "NO" today I am in control not you, Victory is Whatever you "DO to stay TRUE".

THE TIME IS NOW My Friends and Zero Carb Family: Tomorrow will Never Come! No Excuses, No Regrets, No Sorrow, No Pain. Take Control. Cease the Moment...........Make it Happen.

Put on your Armor, grab you weapons and Defend your Castle. The Enemy has surrounded you and are attempting to breach the walls. We have the power to repel and defeat them. How? How Indeed! The Power is and always has been within you. 

The Battle will bring out the Best in You. Rise to the occasion and join the Fight. There is no way the enemy can win. This is a Battle that is very winnable. Victory is at Hand. Never flinch, stare the Enemy in the face and take control. There is always a way, There is always a path. You have the power to make the right decisions, it is in your hands and always will.

I will not Fail, I will not cower, I will win my daily battles one at a time. I will Plan, I will find a solution for obstacles that may be in my way. I am well equipped and well trained the the Art of Zero Carb. 

One of the Greatest WWII Generals said "The time to take counsel of your fears is before you make an important battle decision. That's the time to listen to every fear you can imagine! When you have collected all the facts and fears and made your decision, turn off all your fears and go ahead!"

My Friends and Zero Carb Family: Be Strong, Live Long and Battle On!!!

(ZC) No Turning Back



  1. ****Awesome post Dave, I have printed this out and plan on rereading daily until my enemy is conquered!****

  2. Thank you Anonymous****, I just got fired up and wanted to express myself. I have to admit I may have been a little long winded. I just wanted to express that at the end of the day: The individual has the burden and responsibility to make the decisions that will effect their Life. Battle On!!!

    (ZC)Look Within




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