Saturday, January 15, 2011

1/15/2011 - Daily Update - Still Riding High

Just another Great Day in the life of (ZC)! My Spirits and Energy levels are just surging. No cravings, no cheats and no tummy troubles.

I have to say that I am simply in Bliss from this whole trip. I am happy to report that (ZC) has oh so good to me. My (DS) bought a ton of Beef for me to eat. There was a Rib eye roast that I cut up into 5 nice size steaks, also over three pounds of Ground Beef, and a couple of family packs of NY strip steaks. Gee I have enough food here for a couple of week’s lol!!! Man do I appreciate that. I pan fried one of those Rib eyes yesterday and chowed down like a big dog.

Today we are just going to let the day take us to where we going to go. Tonight is a different story. We are going out to a place called Viejas Casino. So, a little play time there and then off to the club on site. I have not gone out to dance in a long time. I still think I can cut the rug a little. Back in the day I was quiet the dancer. Hahaha!!! No, really I used to love to dance. Well in my new (ZC) body I’m sure to remember some of my smooth dancing moves lol!!!! OK y’all can stop laughing now.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and (ZC) Family. Keep the Faith and Battle On!!

(ZC) You can bet your Life


260/195.4/185 – (no weigh-in)
Overall health (1-10):9
Energy level (1-10):10
Rocky Stage: Getting Strong Now
Today's Menu: Rib eye and H20

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