Thursday, January 20, 2011

1/20/2011 - Daily Update - Results In - VAP

My Eyes have seen the Glory. My Spirits and Energy Levels are still riding High! No cravings, No cheats and No tummy troubles.

I Finally got back my VAP test yesterday. It is a very detailed test with tons of information. Well at the end of the day my "LDL Density Pattern" = "A". Yes the large fluffy buoyant harmless category. The Doc still recommended taking over-the-counter Niacin 500 mg to lower my "bad" cholesterol and increase the "good" cholesterol. Has any taken this form of therapy?

I tell you what: I am happy to be Vindicated. So all the can I say this in a nice way? Or should I say it in a nice way? Yes I will be nice and say Nana, nana,, I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

There, I got it out of my system. Hahaha!!!

How do (ZC)ers spell relief? B-E-E-F & F-A-T!!!!!

Alright, back on track. I had a few folks that were riding on my VAP results to help determine if they would go with (ZC). No real commitments, just consideration. So what does this do for Dave? Truthfully this is a BIG moral booster for Me. I have been preaching (ZC) to anyone who would listen, yet I had mostly pointed to facts on the web. Now with my weight loss, and Great Test results: I have More Punch to my Line!

Last night I got the wild hair and cooked a Fatty Beef Brisket and two slabs of Beef ribs on the patio. I had two grills fired up at the same time. I used lump coal in my medium size Weber grill to cook the Beef ribs and my gas grill to cook the Fatty Beef Brisket. I used indirect heat on the brisket with a wood box containing Hickory chips. I replenished the wood box with fresh hickory chips  three times.

I tell you what: those Beef ribs kicked "Phil's BBQ ribs in the butt. Why, because he mainly bakes his in the oven and at the end throws them on a gas grill for a few minutes covered in BBQ sauce. Mine are cooked on lump coal the entire time with hickory chips. Yes, his had a little more meat on the bone, but the flavor tells the whole story. With mine you get a nice flavor that does not require BBQ sauce. This is of course my opinion, but I have been cooking "Real" Texas style BBQ for over 25 years and the oven can't replace a pit. Don't get me wrong. The ribs at Phil's are good, real good. For baked ribs and plenty of meat too.

After I cooked the meat last night I could help myself and ate half a rack of the Beef ribs and sampled the brisket. I ate way too much. I felt like a "Coke" fiend with a new score lol! I was not hungry and this is way out of my character. Scary to say the least.

Have a Great Day my Friends and (ZC) Family. Keep the Faith and Battle On!!!

(ZC) Something Wonderful


Overall health (1-10):10
Energy level (1-10):11+
Rocky Stage: Won't Be Long Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket and H20


  1. Well done on your VAP Test results and falling into Pattern A!

  2. Hi and Thanks Cobble's Corner. Keep the Faith!!

    (ZC) The Only Way




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