Friday, January 21, 2011

1/21/11 - Daily Update - 7 Months Anniversary on Zero Carb

Stand and Deliver. My Spirits and Energy Levels are hanging tough.  No cravings, no cheats and no tummy troubles.

First of all today Marks my Seven (7) month Anniversary on Zero Carb (ZC).

All is well on the (ZC) front. I had an extended conversation about (ZC) with some visitors at my office yesterday.  They were fascinated with my weight loss.  One of them has been to my office in the past and was totally shocked at my progress. I discussed my recent labs and that seem to put it over the top. It almost appeared that he might venture down this road……..maybe.

I placed a “Before” and “In Progress” photos on my office wall. I have posted these before on the forum and blog. These are for quick reference for visitors so I do not have to go on the web to show them.

I have to say at this point on (ZC) considering all that has transpired; I am more dedicated than ever. The recent test results have reinforced what I hoped to be True about this (WOE). I have only been on this for seven months as of today and though some may feel that’s a long time, I feel that it is still new to Me. Who knows maybe after a year I will feel more at home with it. One advantage about it still feeling new is that I am as excited about (ZC) as the first day. That’s a Good Thing!!!

Have a Great Day My Friends and (ZC) Family. Keep the Faith and Battle On!!!

(ZC)ers  Equipped Not Stripped

Overall health (1-10):9
Energy level (1-10):10
Rocky Stage: Getting Strong Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket and H20


  1. Hi David!!!

    This ZC way of eating seems so easy for you... seems like you are just having a good time... like a kid!!! It seems so odd for the old low-carbers like me that struggled the last 15 years not knowing exactly what to eat... And you begin, 7 months ago, adopting this meat + water and getting non-stop results. I think your success is that you are not always asking yourself: may I have coffee? or cream? or artificial sugar? may I have some cheese? or a low-car bar? You just adopted the simplicity of the zero-carb philosophy, did it and get where you wanted to be.

    I just finished reading Gary Taubes new book and I am speechless:
    everything is there, black on white, with full of references. We now know that a zero-carb diet is extremely healthy and includes all the amino acids we needs, the essential oils and ALL of the vitamins. WE DO NOT NEED TO EAT ANYTHING ELSE AS LONG AS WE STAY AWAY FROM CARBOHYDRATES. You are the proof of this. Your recent lab tests are the same.

    PLEASE do NOT loose time reading this book; you DO NOT need it; just continue having fun...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hi PZ, I always enjoy reading your comments on my Blog. You are very insightful. Cheese? Well I could eat it and still be (ZC), but past experience proved to me that it slows me down. Yes, you are indeed right in explaining the simplicity in this(WOE). Less choices = less headaches. I remember the old LC days. Way too many choices. I have not done a lot of reading on the subject to tell you the truth. I would like to, but I have no doubts about the subject yet I do want to be more educated on it.

    I appreciate your kind words and hope all is well on your Journey. Battle On PZ!!!

    (ZC)ers Living Proof


  3. You are an inspiration!
    Thanks for this great blog!

  4. Thank you Anonymous, I am trying to make this Zero Carb Blog more user friendly. I plan to list helpful links and step by step cooking (ZC) recipes with photos. Thanks again and Battle On!!!

    (ZC)ers Doing Their Best for the Rest




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