Sunday, January 2, 2011

1/2/2011 Daily Update - Sunny Day

Another Day in Paradise. My Spirits and Energy Levels are still Soaring! No Cavings, No Cheats and No Dreaded Tummy Troubles!!

What a beautiful Sunny Bright Cool Day. I have blue skies over head with a nice golden Sun. The temperature outside is around 40 degrees. It has been a little hot lately so I welcome this sunny cool weather. I still have some outdoor work to get to as well as some errands to run. I have given myself by the end of January to get the garage squared away and the "Soloflex" assembled and ready to Rock and Roll. I will formulate a lite workout schedule to start off with. I just hope the weight bands are not rotted out. I will order some if they are. It will be an investment on my health.

Wow a have a huge container of Fatty Beef Brisket to pack in my 8oz packs and freeze.This is the mainstay of my food intake. I am taking another vacation form it today. I have enough of the Fattiest Beef ribs left to make a generous meal. I plan on chowing down as soon as I finish posting this update.

I have a guest from California coming this Tuesday and she will leave with me and my Mum back to California on the 13th. So I have a lot of things happening this month both at home and halfway across the country. I am going to California to be the Godfather of my Nephew's son. Now that is a privilege! I just so happen to be a Godfather to one of his sisters (my Niece).

The Year is all so still New, but so far I am feeling SSSSOOOO Optimistic about it!!! I just have a Great, Great feeling that things are going to be on the up and up. I just love having this feeling of Positive thoughts and overall Wellbeing surging throughout my "Body and Soul". I just can't help it, it is the way I feel.

Well My Friends and (ZC) Family I hope you have a Great Zero Carb Day. No Surrender!! No Retreat!! Always Battle On!!

(ZC) Old is New


Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):10
Rocky Stage: Getting Strong Now
Today's Menu: Beef Ribs and H20

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