Monday, January 24, 2011

1/24/2011 - Power Out

Wow I'm up way to late. I thought I would drop a quick post before heading off to bed. We had a power out and I could not sleep. It is on now and I feel better about going to bed with things closer to normal. Sunday was a great day. I had a great time at church and then did a little shopping with (DW). I ate my fatty beef brisket and was it yummy.Before we got home for the day (DW) was in the mood for Pizza. So we went off to Papa Johns and picked up some of my old favorites: two "the works" yes they had everything on them. I tell you what: the smell kinda got to me. Well it must have been the meat on them. Hahaha!!! Man when I got home I shoved a few cold pieces of brisket down my throat for good measure lol! Hey you gotta do what you gotta do to walk the line. I was all better after that. (DW) felt sorry for me and said that I deserved I piece of pizza for being so good for the las seven months. OMG she does not get it. She was not being mean, she really does not get it.

Well it is raining cats and dogs out. I can't complain we need the rain. Thank God I work indoors and park in a garage. So much for the little talk, time to hit the hay.


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