Saturday, January 29, 2011

1/29/2011 - Pictures Added Today and More!!!

I tell you What: I thought I had it all together, but I forgot something when I left this morning for the photo shoot. I forgot to put an SD card in the camera. The on-board memory was not much and I had to lower the MP from 14 to 3. Well I think the pictures still came out OK.

 I posted a side by side picture of me back in mid November if I am not mistaken and one form today. they are roughly the same distance and pose. I don't see a great difference.

On the flip side I went shopping and at HEB and scored some very, very fatty Rib eyes. I mean these babies were fatty. Did I mention they had some fat on them lol!! I also scored some Beef ribs from Randall's. I will cook both these precious Beef delights tomorrow outside. I plan on grilling the Rib eyes and BBQing the Beef ribs.

I will take pictures of the Beef I will cook and put the pictures and recipe on the Zero Carb Recipe Corner area. I hope my friend "Tilla" has a chance to see it. I am making the Beef ribs especially for her. Well not to eat of course, she lives on the other side of the world. It is more of an instructional deal. I wish I could really share them with her, she is a part of my (ZC) family.

I ended up eating the Mexican Sausage and eggs (3) today and it was Wonderful. I will chow down on Beef ribs on Sunday. The Rib eyes will be frozen for emergency steaks. I ran out a while back and have not replenished them,

I hope everyone continues to have a Great Day. Battle On!!!

(ZC) Soaring



  1. You have not only lost weight... you have lost years!!! Studies shows that putting your insulin levels down slows the aging process... cannot wait to see what you will look like in 1 year from here!!!!!!!!


  2. Hi PZ, Thanks once again. You are very kind. I need to read more. Jeez. A year from now. Wow i get excited when I think of a week or month from now. I plan on being on (ZC) and where it takes me it only knows.

    I will continue down this path and I will continue to battle the ever growing temptation. I refuse to fail. No Return. I am here to STAY!!! You bet your LIFE, I know I have bet mine already.

    (ZC) To the End my Friend




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