Monday, January 3, 2011

1/3/2011 Weekly Update - Special Edition 2: Walking On Sunshine

Special Edition Part II: Walking On Sunshine. My Spirits and Energy Levels are Through the Roof!!!! No Cravings, No Cheats and No Tummy Troubles!!!

Today marks 28 weeks of (ZC) and this is my Progress Report:

6/21/10=260lbs 6/28/10=255lbs 7/5/10=252lbs 7/12/10=247.5lbs 7/19/10=245.8lbs 7/26/10=245.6lbs 8/2/10=244.8lbs 8/9/10=240.6lbs 8/16/10=240.4lbs 8/23/10=239.8lbs 8/30/10=238.4lbs 9/6/10=234.2lbs 9/13/10=230.2lbs 9/20/10=228.8lbs 9/27/10=225.6lbs 10/4/2010=221.6lbs 10/11/2010=221.4lbs 10/18/2010=218.0lbs 10/25/2010=216.0lbs 11/1/10=213.6lbs 11/8/1 =211.8lbs 11/15/10=207.4lbs 11/22/10=???lbs 11/29/10=206.8lbs 12/6/10=204.4lbs 12/13/10=202.8lbs 12/20/10=199.4lbs 12/27/10=197.8lbs 1/3/2011=196.8lbs

OMG I have So Much Energy today!!! (DW) was laughing her head off at me this morning. Why you may ask? Well I couldn't help myself…….I……..started…….uumm………..well…….to dance, yes I start to dance. Some may think this to be rather silly, I just feel SSSSOOOO GOOD!!!! I just have an overwhelming feeling of Euphoria!!! So, yes I got up this morning weighed myself did a Tom Cruise slide in my socks across the bedroom floor (well I tried for the most part) and starting singing “I'm walking on sunshine, woooah and don't it feel good!!” while dancing to the beat in my head. Well (DW) roared in laughter and yes I was hopping side to side flinging my arms around just like the video lol. Hahaha!!! What a Great Day to be in the LIFE of ZERO CARB!!!

My California guest is coming in tomorrow so lots and lots of last minute things to do. I am so happy that she is coming over. We will have a Grand Time. So who is this mystery guest. She is one of my lovely nieces. She is precious as the day is long. She will accompany Mum and myself back to California on the 13th. There I will meet some Fellow (ZC)ers for a San Diego Mini Meat Up!!!

I have been doing a lot of thinking, and yes that can be dangerous lol.!!! It really feels funny not posting here on a daily basis I will have to admit. I almost feel that I have abandoned my (ZC) Family. I still feel strong on the reason why I felt that I had to post my Journal elsewhere, that has not changed. I have to be able to Chronicle my Journey as it really happens and not water it down. It must be a true account of how I live my daily life as a (ZC)er and deal with “Real Life” situations. I feel that as long as I am True to (ZC) as an individual that I should not be Judged. I drink water and eat fatty beef brisket or other fatty meats only. How much truer can I be. I really did not like that I was being labeled an “Enabler”, to me that went a little too far.

I would like to, I guess you might call it “simulcast” my Journal on my Zero Carb Blog and Here. The only difference is that I guess I could leave pictures out of the foods that I prepare. Although I really think it is silly to have to omit them, I have to appreciate the theme of this Forum: Zero Carb. I love to joke around and I will admit that I may have went a little too far on the Thanksgiving post that I fell to SAD, although I do think it was funny. I have to consider my Audience (English 101) and I didn’t. I have had a lot of responses at my blog email: telling me how much they enjoyed my Thanksgiving and Christmas postings and that I missed my "true calling". Well I don’t know about that 'true calling" deal lol!!!

At the end of the day I am really TORN. I have to weigh everything and see what is Best. It is not easy my Friends and Zero Carb Family. So what put me on this path?? The very warm responses I recently received from three members of my ZC Family: Bertrand, Billi-Jean and Jane. They all made me feel very appreciated. They really made me think very deeply on this whole situation. I do not want to open up a can of worms I just wanted to convey what has been Weighing Heavily in my Heart. I owe a lot to ZIOH. That I have not forgotten or ever will.

I had another all time Low on Zero Carb = 196.8lbs

Have a Great Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family, Keep the Faith and Battle On!!!

(ZC) Crushing the Competition


Walking on Sunshine:

Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):11
Rocky Stage: Won’t Be Long Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket and H20


  1. David, Hello from Ohio! I have been following your progress and I am in awe. Your body must like meat, huh?

    I was a quiet member of ZIOH, had to leave with the new rules (I was LC then). But I still read every post, have for almost 2 years.

    You are a ZC hero, and I have gone ZC recently, too. You are a role model! Hope you can live with the responsibility LOL!


  2. Hi Dianna and welcome to my Zero Carb Blog. Hero? well I don't know about that. Congratulations on going back to (ZC) You are the Hero not me. I am a (ZC)er for life. If I can inspire anyone, then I have done my Job. (ZC) should get all the credit not me. Thanks for your comments. Battle On Dianna!!!

    (ZC)ers Back in the Fight




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