Friday, January 7, 2011

1/7/2011 -Daily Update - PuRe SeReNiTy

Joy, Joy, Joy down in my Heart. TGIF!!!! My Spirits and Energy Levels are off the Charts! No Cravings, No Cheats and No Tummy Troubles.

It’s a beautiful Morning Y’all. It’s a nice cool crisp day in the land of Zero Carb. I feel so rested and content. It’s Friday and I have a fun filled weekend ahead followed by a trip to San Diego on the 13th.

Cartwheel anyone? I have many to spare this morning. Man O Man do I feel Great Indeed. Once again it eludes me to describe my inner feelings. It has to be ZERO CARB. I can’t explain it. I can only FEEL IT!!!! What does it feel like? Well….. PuRe SeReNiTy!!!!!!!!!

Take Me High, Take Me Low, Take Me Where I want to Go. You can't take my Joy from me since I found Serenity.

That little ditty keeps repeating in my head. It’s a spin off from the Theme of “Firefly”. I was reciting it last night and my (DW) said: “what are you talking about?” I just laughed and said “That’s (ZC) for Peace”. She shook her head and went to bed. Oh well I guess you can call the guys with the white jackets and the oversized butterfly nets cause I’m Nuts over ZERO CARB!

I will attend a gathering at my sister’s house in honor of my niece who stayed over her place yesterday and today. I will bring her back with me after the gathering to stay for the remainder of her trip unless plans change. Then she, my Mum, and I will trek to San Diego this next Thursday.
Well Y’all I am going to Ride this for as long as it lasts.

Have a Great Day my Friends and (ZC) Family. Peace be the Journey!!!

(ZC) Point of No Return


Overall health (1-10):10
Energy level (1-10):11
Rocky Stage: Getting Strong Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket and H20


  1. Dave, your optimistic attitude is such an uplifting experience for me. I can let stress 'get' to me and be less than joyful because of it - but your blog reminds me what is really important and lifts my spirits every time I visit it.
    Thank you for helping me stay ZC - it's people like you that make the world a happier and even more wonderful place to be.

  2. Hi Lisa Maree, thank you and you are very welcome. I Tell You What: I have to be optimistic, I must be optimistic. I am in the fight for my Life, for my very soul. I have drawn the line here and now. I will not yield I will not sway I am here to stay! I need you Lisa Maree to watch my left as I watch you right. We must lock in battle formation: Like the Spartans. We will Hold The Line!!! Live Long!! Be Strong !! Always Battle On!!!

    (ZC)This is Where We Make OUR STAND




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