Friday, February 4, 2011

2/4/2011 - Daily Update - Almost Bit the Dust

OMG. My Spirits are shaky. My Energy level is good. No cravings, no cheats, and minor tummy troubles.

I am still in Knots. The temperature was below 20 degrees and the roads, bridges and freeway overpasses froze. My department is considered "Essential Personnel" and I tried to make it to work. I did make it. Well I had a rather scary experience. I was on the freeway and ended up spinning around (360s) several times with on coming traffic heading my way. At the moment I thought "this is it Lord, I am coming home." I have been in combat situations under fire. I did not panic I tried everything in my power to correct the spin. I finally stopped and was facing the wrong way. I did not notice that I put my emergency brakes on and when I tried to get back in the right direction the vehicle did not move. I thought the engine quit,but it was still on. I quickly noticed the brake light and disengaged the brake and continued down the freeway. Then the vehicle started to fishtail and I corrected it and slowed down even more. Then to top it off a couple of overpass later there was a six car pile up. There was a Fire truck on top with firemen directing traffic. I was all the way on the right side and traffic was being funneled to the extreme left side, one lane only. The overpass was completely covered in ice. I mean it was a solid white cap. Lord have mercy. We were at a stand still and when I tried to move forward and make my way to the left, my vehicle start to fishtail again. I had to turn my steering wheel completely to the right and inch my way to the extreme left lane. I finally made it and continued forward. I got off the next off ramp and took the street the rest of the way. It took me an hour and a half to make it to work. It usually takes between 45 - 50 minutes. according to the news, the freeways are not going to get better later today. I know a route to take by street all the way home. It may take two or more hours to get home, but I don't care as long as I am safe.


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