Saturday, March 12, 2011

3/12/2011 - Daily Update - The Great Divide

Let the Hunt begin. My Spirits and Energy levels are climbing. No cravings, cheats or tummy troubles.

Just another outrageous beautiful day in The Woodlands Texas. OMG you would not believe it. I can't believe that I am not taking a stroll by the Water Way right now instead of being indoors. Well, I will remedy that really soon lol!

On my way home yesterday I went on the hunt at HEB to find some carnivore delights. I stalked down a 13 1/2 pound Fatty Beef Brisket. Yum. As luck might have it I picked some tracks of a familiar prey that I have not encountered in awhile. As elusive as the prey may have been I was able to zero in and score a direct hit! YES! I found boneless chuck roast on sale for $1.97 lb. Hhmm I thought "Hey these look like giant steaks." I started to think (Danger,Will Robinson) these could be cut in half and I would have 1 lb steaks. How simple was that? So that is what I did. I ended up with eight 1 lb to 1.3 lb steaks with lots of lovely fat ready for the grill and to be flash frozen for emergency food. Of course I will enjoy at least one for a meal. I will grill these on the morrow. I will cook these babies on my "Q" with lump coal mixed with Hickory wood. OMG I can't wait.

These are picks of my Hunt:

So I ended up with these 8 steaks ready for duty. Lots of glorious fat as you can see. I have not had a chuck steak in a long time. I used to eat steaks well done and to me chuck steaks were too tough. Now that I cook my steaks anywhere from medium rare to rare, I feel that it won't be as tough. Hey there is only one way to find out and I guess I will just have to suffer and do it. Hahaha!!!

I grow stronger and more confident in the Art of Zero Carb each day. The Energy surges through my body and gives me the strength I need to work and play. I never felt like this through out my years eating SAD even at a younger age. I would hate to think what I could have done with the benefits of Zero Carb at a younger age. I was pretty good at combat in my early years. I think I would have much more effective with the energy and strength that is growing in me now.

I can't stop thanking this way of eating (WOE) for giving a new life, renewed strength and the lust for life that was once lost. I have now found it and I will not let it go. Great times have just started for me. I have just begun to reap the rewards of my new life. I'm telling you this: I will never ever go back, NEVER!

Today I had an all time low on Zero Carb = 188.8 lbs.

Have a great (ZC) my Friends and Zero Carb Family. The time is now, every day in delay is Wasted. Be Strong, Live Long and always Battle On!!!

(ZC) Stuck like Chuck


Overall health (1-10):9
Energy level (1-10):11
Rocky Stage: Getting Strong Now
Today's Menu: Bacon, Eggs, Fish and H20

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