Monday, March 14, 2011

3/14/2011 - Weekly Update - Cross That Goal

Good Tidings All. My Spirits and Energy levels are good. No cravings,or cheats. Minor tummy troubles.

Today marks 38 weeks of (ZC) and this is my Progress Report:

6/21/10=260lbs 6/28/10=255lbs 7/5/10=252lbs 7/12/10=247.5lbs 7/19/10=245.8lbs 7/26/10=245.6lbs 8/2/10=244.8lbs 8/9/10=240.6lbs 8/16/10=240.4lbs 8/23/10=239.8lbs 8/30/10=238.4lbs 9/6/10=234.2lbs 9/13/10=230.2lbs 9/20/10=228.8lbs 9/27/10=225.6lbs 10/4/2010=221.6lbs 10/11/2010=221.4lbs 10/18/2010=218.0lbs 10/25/2010=216.0lbs 11/1/10=213.6lbs 11/8/1 =211.8lbs 11/15/10=207.4lbs 11/22/10=???lbs 11/29/10=206.8lbs 12/6/10=204.4lbs 12/13/10=202.8lbs 12/20/10=199.4lbs 12/27/10=197.8lbs 1/3/2011=196.8lbs 1/10/11=196.0lbs 1/18/11=195.0 1/24/11=194.6lbs 1/31/2010=193.8lbs 2/7/2011=194.0lbs 2/14/2011=194.0lbs 2/21/2011=194.4lbs 2/28/2011=191.8 lbs 3/7/2011=189.8 lbs 188.4 lbs

I crossed out my Mini Goal and added another one. My next Mini Goal will be 179 lbs. Wow that number is mighty low in my eyes. Why? Not to long ago I had reached an all time high on weight of 280 lbs. The next Mini Goal will equal a 100 pound loss. Wow, in some countries that is a whole other person lol!

I ended up working the yard yesterday and over did it. Jeez am I sore. I almost called in and stayed home to recuperate. I really hate to miss work. I rather save that time off and enjoy a nice vacation. I don't accumulate much time at this particular job. I have been here over five years. I have had perfect attendance for all five years.  

So in the back of my mind I'm still thinking about the 179 lbs. Hey it's just a number...... yeah just a number. Well I have not seen that number since high school. I was a totally different person then. Actually I sorta feel that I am going back to that direction. At that point in my life I had not experienced a lot of things and I was very open minded. Then I grew up and ...... lets just say that I had more life experience than I care to mention. 

I need to get on the ball and buy those books today. I let other things get in the way on the weekend and did not do it. After work I will definitely buy and start to read the books. I have kind of sold myself on purchasing the eBook form. I enjoy the freedom of reading from the laptop screen, especially now that I have my laptop cart lol.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Keep the Faith!!!

(ZC)ers Battle Tested Warriors


Overall health (1-10):9
Energy level (1-10):9
Rocky Stage: Getting Strong Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket and H20

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