Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3/15/2011 - Daily Update - A New Beat

Bring It. My Spirits and Energy levels are stepping up. No cravings, cheats or tummy troubles.

What is Love? Ha! What is Love Indeed. Look in the mirror and ask that question. Can you look in that mirror and say "I love you"? Oh, what is Dave talking about? Has he blown a fuse or needs some winding. HA! No, I just wanted to make you think. I wanted to make you think just for a split second of "Love Yourself First".

Wow, Dave how greedy is that? Are you crazy? Crazy...crazy like a fox. Hey I just want to throw in that old saying because I thought it sounded corny. Go figure. OK back on track. I have posted in the past that I do Zero Carb for Me, yes little old me. Hey this message is for the ones out there struggling, trying, fighting, battling with whatever it is that is getting in your way of Zero Carb. Put that doughnut down and go Kiss the Mirror and thank yourself for doing it. You are damn well Worth It. Yes, I meant darn lol.

I was drowning in my own blubber not too long ago, well to a degree I still am, struggling to keep my head above the waves. At one point I thought I saw some debris floating by and I clung to it. I kept afloat for awhile and got comfortable with it. I thought I was out of danger and stopped looking for a way out. Floating was fine. Why not. Well, you guessed it or did you? Yes, you did. The thing I clung onto broke apart and I was drowning again. I went under twice, Jeez what am I to do? Then off in the distance I saw an island. It was small, but it was land. "Land ahoy Captain!"

I only had one thing to do. What? I mean what was that Dave? OK duh! GET THERE! Hey I have already gone down twice and I am struggling just to keep afloat and you want me to swim that distance to get to that island. Maybe I will just find another piece of debris and just hang on for awhile. It work for in the past. Well for a little  while.

No my Friends and Zero Carb family. Go the distance. Make it to the island. Go down deep inside you and grab that thing that makes you Great. The thing that makes you Wonderful. Now go to that Mirror and Kiss yourself.

Have a Great Zero Carb Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Battle On!!!

(ZC) No Holding Back


Overall health (1-10):9
Energy level (1-10):10
Rocky Stage: Won't Be Long Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket and H20


  1. Poetry and philosophical thoughts seems to be a serious side effect for ZC followers. Well, it is my conclusion after reading today's post...

    Better this then headache or constipation...

    What will long-term side effects will be? Extreme serenity? Exquisite beauty? Delirious happiness?

    For myself and for the time being, I feel I live more in harmony with people, nature and life in general.

    I am having this dream of owning a farm to raise animals... cows, chickens, pigs, why not some rabbits, a goat or two and growing plants to feed them... getting daily fresh cream, butter, eggs and all the fresh meat I can wish...


  2. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, glad to see you back. I redesigned the Blog a little to make it a little bit more user friendly. I feel that it is "now" a little too cramped and the text is too small. If you have time please comment on it.

    I don't know what it is exactly, but every once in awhile I feel motivated to post something for those who may be struggling with this way of eating. I really can't understand why anyone would want to cheat while on Zero Carb. It provides me with so much happiness in my "Whole Being" why cheat and have to start all over again? It does not make sense to me. I just live day by day eating this way and it provides me the Energy and an Outlook that I want. That I need. I just can't explain it or did I lol!

    Hey Pro(ZC)ac, don't you just love that feeling of harmony with people, nature and life in general? The very same thing is happening to me. Hey that dream sounds Great to me, but to tell you the truth I would have to have some farm hands around to do what it takes to keep the farm up.Hahaha!!! I am lazy like that lol!

    Hey I bought a ton of fish and I plan on making "Fish A la Pro(ZC)ac" in my Step by Step recipe area this weekend chock full of pictures. Keep an eye open for it.

    Thanks for stopping by and Battle On my friend!!!

    (ZC) Friend of Dave




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