Thursday, March 17, 2011

3/17/2011 - Daily Update - New Territory, New Low

Breaking Through. My Spirits are good. My Energy levels are higher than high! No cravings, cheats, or tummy troubles.

Another surge of energy flowing through these old bones. Another Spark of Life. I Live Another day. Yesterday I was feeling a little ...... well it is hard to explain. A little deep might be a good word I guess. Sometimes I have to sit back a evaluate and reevaluate things. I love Zero Carb I can't ever imagine ever changing this way of eating for anything else ever. 

Yet sometimes I feel like I need to pull back on chronicling this Journey. I almost feel like I put too much Heart and Soul into it and sometimes it drains me. I am not much of a social bug outside my tight net group. You can pretty much see that the vast majority of  my posts pertain to the subject: Zero Carb. 

I will be honest to say there are times when I have said to myself this is it. I will no longer post on a regular basis, I will pull back for awhile or just drop off the radar altogether. Wow, I don't like feeling this way.

Today I had an all time low on Zero Carb = 187.8 lbs

Have a Great Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Keep on Keeping On!!! Live Long!! Stay Strong!! Keep the Faith!!! Battle On!!!

(ZC) Black and White


Overall health (1-10):9
Energy level (1-10):11
Rocky Stage: Won't Be Long Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket, Blackened Fish and H20


  1. As a STAR OF THE ZC WORLD, you have responsibilities toward you public!!! LOL

    You are very talented David, especially in keeping ZC easy and accessible. And this is what was missing in all the posts. It was so refreshing and still is. We may sometime feel lonely in the ZC underground world and you make people feel part of a family, which is in itself, a blessing.

    Take a break, post every 2-3 days, post when you feel you have something to say... but be sure that to witness your journey since last June 2010 was a privilege!!!


  2. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, Star? Now who is making the jokes around here? Hahaha!!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all those who comment on this blog. It really means a lot to me. It inspires me to keep going here.

    I will seriously consider your recommendations. You know if it weren't for the big mess about my Thanksgiving post on my forum Journal I would not have created this blog. I feel that I should have complete freedom to chronicle my journey through Zero Carb as I really live it. I was accused of being an "Enabler" because I fed SAD to committed SADers who think (ZC) is crazy. You know that really hurt me deeply. I have never completely gotten over it. The pain ran very deep.

    Thanks for your support and time. You are a true (ZC) Friend. Battle On!!!


  3. I do understand your feelings David as I went through the same problem in Charle's ZC website over a year ago. I was a new member (this was my 3rd posting...) and I was answering a question with what I thought to be a good hint. Then Charles got mad and blasted me...

    I am over it now. Mainly because I understand ZC is a very provocative matter and we tend to put so much feelings into it. Stupidly, we must understand that it is only a way of eating... the way human being had there food for millions of years... not more...

    Did you know that the first forum on ZC was so controversial that it was closed down? It shows how emotional it can get.

    Please don't be upset by what happen because Charles is doing a great job. He is ahead of us and very often cited in article about LC diet as a pioneer. Sometimes, we feel he may get overboard but history teaches us how some people, defending there ideas, were considered mad for centuries, just think about the flat/round earth controversy of Galileo...

    Gary Taubes, in his last book, brings us all the references supporting the concept that an only meat diet brings you all the nutrients one needs. And this is it. The idea is simple; the concept not complicated to understand; we just have to accept that we have a lot of enemies out there that are willing to fight this idea because they have so much to loose: doctors, pharmaceuticals, the AG corporations, the processed food industry, the fast food business... and, of course, the carb addict people that do not want to accept they have a problem...

    I think we are part of the new generation of ZC, the one that has begin to do it the right way, not experimenting on ourselves like the older generation that went through all sort of high and low stuff...

    Let's just enjoy it; enjoy life; and share it with our ZC friends and let an hero like Charles do his work. Anyway, he needs us, us the followers; and he dam knows it!!!


  4. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, I did not know you were a member at zioh, Charles is on an important mission. I agree 100%. He has raise the banner of Zero Carb and I have great respect for that.

    To tell you the truth I not much of a follower. I look at Charles and the rest of the forum members as Equals. Don't get me wrong, some folks need leaders and that is fine. I just happen not to be one. From an early age Leadership was thrust upon me. I did not ask for it, but circumstances demanded it and I rose to the occasion.

    I am the type of person that can be in the middle of a firefight and while others panic, I would calmly assess the situation and find a solution and implement it. It is who I am and not what I chose to be.

    I like the idea of the “Round Table” where there was no real head and every member had an equal voice. This is the type of fellowship that attracts me. The Knights of the Round Table had a Code of Chivalry: Honour, Honesty, Valour and Loyalty. This code closely describes what I expect of myself and those I associate with.

    Funny you should mention “next generation.” At the end of all my Journal posts I put a Zero Carb tag one of my favorites (ZC) tags I used in the past was: “(ZC) The Next Generation.”

    As usual you never cease to amaze with you insight and outlook on things. Your contribution to this little spec of a blog is invaluable. I can hardly thank you enough. Keep the Faith!!!

    (ZC) Somewhere in Time

    Thank you,


  5. Hey one of my cyber sons,
    When you come to San Diego you guys can come over to my house and I'll fix a ZC meatfest if you want to. Or we can go wherever you guys want. Let me know.
    teri & bob

  6. Hi Teri I am game for that. We need to get in touch with Gaby to see if that will be cool with her. I know that my sister wanted to join us if that is OK with you. Battle On Teri!!!

    (ZC)Leap of Faith


  7. Hi, Dave:
    Just wanted to say a big thank you for keeping up with your blog. You've been a big inspiration to me. I'm not ZC, but I keep my carbs below 20 grams a day, so I relate to all you write. I follow the rule on my blog that if I don't have something to say, I just don't blog that day. Sometimes that means I post twice the next day, sometimes not. But I'd sure be sad if you quit altogether.
    Take care,

  8. Hi Sharon, I am not going anywhere my friend. I am going to keep rocking and rolling until I can't party anymore lol. Hey life's one big party and you can have fun or be a wallflower.

    I am proud of you. Keep as low as possible on the carbs and eat only when your hungry. Thanks for your remarks on Mark's and Battle On Sharon!!!

    (ZC)Friend of Dave




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