Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3/23/2011 - Daily Update - Going Through the Motions

Greetings. My Spirits and Energy Levels are still in flight.

Well I have a big weekend coming up. I will have the privilege of of "Cutting Meat" with  my Zero Carb Family. I will be the Road Warrior and do a day trip to Dallas. I will meet up with a Friend in the afternoon then join my Zero Carb family to eat. Wow two weekends in a row of nice dining. Hey I could get used to that. Hahaha!!!

Have you ever thought about your daily activities. Are we just going through "the Motions"? Well food for thought. For me, I have to say everyday is another adventure so to speak. Why? My little mind is always thinking, thinking and thinking again of what is going on around me and now that I am a (ZC)er I look at things diffidently. I try to look at food as fuel and move on. Since I love to cook this will more than likely never be my reality. Jeez.

So I Tell You What: If you are out there trying Zero Carb or thinking of trying Zero Carb what are you willing to do? Some folks around you may say "It's not Safe", or "It may Hurt you". So what do you do? Just go through the Motions? Is OK just enough? Well it's not for me. I want more and more and more. I can't get enough. I'm Telling You I need continue to seek, grow, and become so much more than I am now. I am learning with everyday things around. I'm Telling you "My eyes have seen the Glory". In the past my eyes were not clear. My life was just a day to day thing to do. Yes, going through the motions. How sad, how sad indeed. You just don't know my Friends and Zero Carb Family how my Life has been impacted with my new zeal for what is around me. I feel like a foreigner in a strange land. I am discovering or rediscovering the beauty of life.

I am willing to do whatever it takes to continue this Journey. I may make mistakes. I may stumble. I may fall. I will never ever give up or give in. NEVER!!! OK is not enough. I do not want to ever think back : What if I have given everything to be successful instead of just going through the motions. No not I. So at the end of the day what is Dave willing to do? I will go all the way. No regrets, no not this time. Not one more day.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Make your Stand!! Make it Count!!

(ZC) What IF


Overall health (1-10):10
Energy level (1-10):11
Rocky Stage: Getting Strong Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket and H20


  1. ZC is powerful.

    Those who experienced ZC know what this mean. When Charles says that after 6 months of this diet, most people will refuse go back to a regular way of eating, it makes you think...

    And when I read on your post today: "My eyes have seen the Glory" I am asking myself: are we getting insane or what?

    Of course, after a life of weight problem and related health issues, to find an easy way like ZC to get everything under control may give a feeling of greatness.

    Luckily, when I read in the same post; "I try to look at food as fuel and move on", I feel that Dave is not lost in space but here with us. It comforts me.

    The question still remain: is a powerful tool like ZC eating can lead us in dangerous zones?

    Sometimes I tell myself to keep the mind open and read, read, read. Ignorance is the mother of a lot of mistakes...

    Did you know that a study showed that on a high carb diet, antioxidant supplements give the same level of protection against inflammation that you would get on a high fat - low carb diet WITHOUT supplements? Conclusion: fruits and vegetables are dangerous to eat...

    Is Pro(Zc)ac also getting insane?


  2. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, Mad? Huh... I would say Crazy..crazy like a fox! Hahaha!!! Do I hear a drum roll?

    I wish people would just understand the wonderful, exciting feeling I get. I gotta tellya words just can't justify or describe the feelings. Jeez!!!!

    Amen Pro(ZC)ac, knowledge is power.I swear I preach that to all that ask "how did you lose all the weight?" and they look at me like I am insane. Tomorrow I will post an interesting conversation I had with an employee from another department. It blew me AWAY. I was expecting something totally different ......... Hey that will have to wait until tomorrow. Please tune in you won't regret it and you will totally enjoy it.

    It seems to me that folks just will never understand the harm or fruits, veggies and grains. Hey brainwashed from birth... what can you do?

    I tell you what Pro(ZC)ac: I will gladly share a padded cell with you lol. Battle On my Friend!!!

    (ZC) Highway to the Danger Zone





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