Thursday, March 24, 2011

3/24/2011 - Daily Update - Old School Medicine

9Greetings. My Spirits and Energy Levels are good.

Well do I have a surprisingly nice story to tell. Yesterday I was in the hallway just in front of my office door. Which is by the way on of those dutch doors ya know the ones that open at the top and you can close the bottom. Anyway I was walking towards the door and entered my office as this gentlemen that works for a different department stopped by the door and said "OMG have you lost weight!" then he said in a lowered voice "What type of surgery did you use?" I told him that I would not desecrate my body with invasive surgery to lose weight. Well just before I had stepped out, I had popped my first meal of the day in the microwave. So I told him "Hey it is easier to show you what I am doing that has helped me. It might gross you out." So I walked over to the microwave and took out my steaming bowl of cubed Fatty Beef Brisket and walked over to the door and showed him. Well he thought it was some sort of beef stew. I told him that it was brisket swimming in tallow. He did not understand what tallow was and I explained tallow is to beef as lard is to pork and then he understood. Then he saw several chunks of fat and asked if they were cauliflower and explained it was fat. I briefly explained the Zero Carb concept and to my surprise he agreed.

Now that is only half the story. This is where it gets interesting: Now keep in mind this gentleman is in his early to mid 60s. he told me back in the 1960's he had an elderly Uncle that had problems walking. He would shuffle his feet. Nothing worked for him and he was destine to end his days in that condition. Well he told me that his Uncle ended up going to yet another doctor for help. Well did he get help or what?? Let me tell you the following shocked me and I will tell you why later. Back to the story Dave we are waiting patiently! OK already, I swear you folks can get might pushy around here. ANYWAY: Now the next doctor he saw put him on "The Steak Diet" for 7 or 9 months (I forgot sorry). The instructions: "Eat Steak only. Eat all the fat and gristle. Do not eat the part that has part of the blue ink stamp. Do not eat anything else what so ever" Wow, this blew me away, I mean it blew me away big time y'all! He then went on to say that his Uncle had a total recovery. He felt so good that he came out of retirement and took a Watchman job that required him to do a lot of walking. Just a special note: I failed to ask him what exactly did his uncle drink during this time.

So Dave please tell us WHY did it shock you. Think of it. The Steak Diet. Wow why has this been so low key. Why in the HELL are all these medical types so in denial. I tell you what: This story came out of no where and that was the nicest part of it. I did not expect it. It may not sound like much to an Non-Zero Carber, but to us it is indeed nice to hear.

I hope you enjoyed that little conversation that I had with that Gentleman. I know I did. The Wonders of Zero Carb will never cease to amaze me. Well only a couple of days to my "Meat Up" with my Zero Carb Family in Dallas. OOHH Brazilian. I can't wait. I just love Beef grilled on the open pit. YUM!!!

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Keep On Keeping On!!!

(ZC)ers Defenders of the Truth


Overall health (1-10):10
Energy level (1-10):11
Rocky Stage: Getting Strong Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket and H20


  1. Fantastic story Dave!!!

    I hope YOU understand why we are reading YOUR post everyday...!!!!!!!! YOU know how to keep this ZC adventure the trill of a lifetime.

    Who needs prozac with a guy like YOU around? Certainly not me...


  2. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, I agree that was a really nice story. But as far as Little Old Me is concerned... I am just reporting the truth. I have no special talents. Yes, in the day I loved to write poetry and I want to get back to that one day, when??

    Believe it or not I am just another humble person trying to make it through life.

    I am so glad you enjoyed the story as much as me. I just want to pass the WORD.

    Thanks for your comments. Folks like you help me to continue to find reason to keep this blog going.

    The War may never end, but we can win the Battles that face us everyday. We can create a Safe Zone ... a small piece of Utopia.... Lets face it. I know in my Life Time Zero Carb will never be the "Norm". So What. I will do what is right and keep Battling On!

    Thanks for stopping by. Keep the Faith!!!

    (ZC)ers Few, But Powerful



  3. That's a great story, Dave! You must have been so surprised that your colleague not only agreed with you but was able to recount a story of someone close to you who was a zero carber and regained his health that way.
    Take care,

  4. Close to "him" I meant to say. :-)

  5. Hi Sharon you are exactly right. I would have bet a paycheck that that event would not have happened. Hey good things are always welcomed. Live Long!! Be Strong!!





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