Friday, March 25, 2011

3/25/2011 - Daily Update - Weekend Warrior

Good Day. My Spirits and Energy levels are good.

I have a nice weekend trip to Dallas on Saturday. It will be a day trip. So a lot of driving. Hey that's OK. I will meet a lot of folks at the Meat Up that I have never met in person as well as a few others I have the pleasure of meeting again.

Hey I will take this road trip to do a lot of Deep Thinking. I will have a total of around 7 hours round trip to ponder on all types of things. Yes, Zero Carb will be among them. Yes, a lot of things indeed. So, am I obsessed with Zero Carb? ....... well ..... to be honest I dunno. I might just say no. I might just say yes.

So what is on "your" mind today? I gottcha with that one lol. You were not expecting that, were you?

OK y'all here I go: gottcha again. Hey I like to be silly sometimes. No really I was just thinking about the wonderful comments I get just about everyday. It kills me when folks like this morning say "Hey skinny". My first reaction is the think "Yeah right" when it should be RIGHT ON!!! Hey I am not skinny by no means. Less heavy would be a better description.

I have not been to Dallas in a long time. It is a nice city. When I was much younger I used to party at a place called "Dallas Ally" it was a lot of fun.

I tell you everyday I am thankful for this journey that I am on. I am thankful for the health, peace and overall wellbeing that I enjoy. I can only hope that this spark of life never runs out or dims. That will be a sad day indeed.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. The Beast is Yet to Come. Battle On!!!

(ZC) On the road Again


Overall health (1-10):9
Energy level (1-10):9
Rocky Stage: Won't Be Long Now
Today's Blackened Fish and H20 


  1. Prepare yourself David because ZC, want it or not, will slowly make you a member of the "skinny people"... Sorry.

    After doing some lowcarbing, like most of us did, we tend to consider this as as an impossibility. We still do see a lot of LCarbers loosing some weight, but never to a point where they are skinny... Sorry.

    You still feel that people are joking when they say to you "Hi skinny..." because you do actually lost some weight, but prepare yourself, this will stop being a joke one day... Sorry.

    The first time a total stranger said to me in a dinner party "Us, the skinny people, cannot understand what overweight are going through...",
    I was under shock. Prepare yourself for this day David, it will come... Sorry.

    Enjoy Dallas, the food and all our ZC friends. It is nice to know that we are part of a nice family. We still must not forget that we only FREE when we can live alone with our beliefs, knowing that we have found our path, and that we do not need someone or any group to bring us back on track such as political parties, religions or even AA-type groups need to do all the time... Sorry.

    ZC mean freedom. Sorry


  2. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, hey I can't wait to look in the mirror and say "Mission Accomplished!" That will be a most Glorious day indeed.

    I know what you are talking about when it came to LC. I just couldn't get to where I needed to be. I want to say I got down either 220 or 225 pounds and that was it. It was the glass ceiling for me. Yikes.

    Pro(ZC)ac you hit it on the head once again. YES, we must be able to maintain totally Independent in order to be successful Life Long. Hey there is nothing wrong with groups for fellowship. You have to be able to stand alone in the End to make it. I agree 100%. I do believe that I have been there from day one. I have not had any slip ups or desires too. I just can't help it. Zero Carb is way too easy. Sure day to day living in an SAD world can be challenging. So What.

    I will never Yield, I will never Buckle!! I am much more powerful than any Carb that can be dished out. Hey there were times that I saw one of my favorite foods and missed the taste. I did not missed how horrible it made me fill after eating it. I still like the smells of certain foods that are taboo. So What? I will never eat them, not on my life.

    Battle On Pro(ZC)ac!!!

    (ZC)ers In the House



  3. Have fun in Dallas. Say hi to all for me. I wish I was accidently driving through Dallas like I did in San Antonio. Maybe later in the year. Could happen....See you in San Diego, Skinny boy.

  4. thanks teri, see todays update.see you soon. btw gaby is cool wit going to your place.




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