Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3/30/2011 - Daily Update - Up For Another Round

Good Evening All. My Spirits and Energy Levels are getting there.

My healing is going very well, it seems everyday I feel less and less pain. I haven't had pain killers since Sunday. I stopped taking Advil today. I can even move my thumb a little without a lot of irritation. Yeeeaaahhh!!! Man does that make me happy or what? HA!

Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to take a moment to once again stress the importance of Hanging Tough. I tell you sometimes when folks are Zero Carbing for the first, second or third time it can be an experience. Dave what kind of experience are you talking about? Jeez O Pete is that Teri I see there asking such a super duper question? Yes indeed it is. Hey should I expect any different from my Cyber Mom?  Well Teri and the rest of you fine folks let me elaborate...... Did I spell that last word right? I guess so because it is not underlined in red. Duh? Dave get on with the story will ya. Alright already, wow I sure have a tough crowd tonight...... lets see theres one, two, three....... uh....uh....well I guess you can call three a crowd. Wasn't that a show? or was that Three's Company? Sorry, hey I am weird like that don't you know? Anyhow, now this is for real: Zero Carb can be quite an experience let me tell ya. You have to be prepared Mind, Body and Soul. If you are missing one of those components, well lets just say it isn't going to be pretty.

Discipline can carry you far when Zero Carbing my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Is it enough? Can you win the day with just discipline alone? Sure. How about the long haul? Well I am not so sure about that. Hey everyone is different, but for me...well lets just say I needed to be completely ready for Zero Carb: Mind, Body and Soul.

Dave's Mind: "Oohh that might get a little scary lol!" Hey who said that? Gaby? is that you hanging with Teri again? Well anyway I have to say Zero Carb was a big step for me. I was and am still quite the novice at Zero Carb. Mentally (hush Gaby) this was a "Leap of Faith" for me. The unknown. Whew, but what was I to do? I was down and almost out, but not just, not just yet. I had the Strength to force myself off the canvas and back to my feet for one last stand, similar to that "Rocky" clip I posted on the 28th. Yes I was battered, beat down like a 2nd rate boxer, out matched and out gunned. I went down over and over again. I kept coming back up to my feet. I tell you my friends and I say this without jest: this indeed was a do or die situation for me. Failure was not an option. If I went down again..... well in all honesty I don't know if I could have made it. No I just don't know. In my mind I burned the idea that I will go for broke. I would give it all I had no matter what, no matter how, it just did not make a difference. This was it period.

Dave's Body: OK I will nip it in the bud. SSSHHH please be nice y'all! OK Then. Wow was my body ready for a change or what? The poor thing has been through thick and thin........... Alright more thick than thin. Hey I am a realist. So let me say this body was oh so ready for the challenge. It has been beaten up so badly in the past that it became numb. So what's another round gonna do? Could it get any worse? Well yes it could. Did it? I am happy to report a big fat NO! So far I am making it. The old body has been reborn and is getting stronger every day y'all.  

Dave's Soul: this can be a touchy subject for some. Not for me. I am a believer. Hence: "Keep the Faith!", "Keep On Keeping On!" and "Fight the Good Fight!" OK I got " Battle On" from Xena: warrior princess. Hey three out of four ain't bad. Don't laugh or go ahead. It is good for the soul. Did you ever wonder why I try to get a little giggle out of you. Well there was the answer ..... I think.....I mean I know. So there you go. Hey y'all when I report about "My Spirits"...... hey you guys and gals are a bright bunch I am confident you catch my drift.

I will tell you something that I have never mentioned before, well maybe not in this much detail: My Friends and Zero Carb family you just don't know how many times I was so disappointed in myself when I failed over and over and over again trying to lose weight. No you just don't know the times I spent in anguish, in total disappointment at the person that I was looking in the mirror. The pain. The suffering. The tears. Yes the tears. I would asked myself  while looking at the mirror: "Why Me?", "Why Me?"...... of course I never got answer or did I?

Let me tell you good folks: I have a "Will of Steel" (Mind); I am "Up for the Count"  (Body); I have the "Faith of a Child" (Soul). This is who I am. I need all of these to work in harmony to succeed on Zero Carb. Heck if I combine all these things and apply them to daily life situations......... I can be invincible.... well at most I would have a fighting chance to say the least.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Bring It On!!!

(ZC) Still Standing



  1. I guess I don't have to say anything to cheer you up !!!! Just don't show up weighing less than me.
    Meatfest 2011 will include lot's of tastes of the ZIOH forum. For example
    lamb strips....Christine, Christina
    waygu beef....Ken
    pieces of meat in broth....I can't remember, maybe Catin
    ribeye....most everybody else
    I'll think of more later

  2. Hi Teri, Hey I aim to please don't ya know? HA! Wow your menu is out of this world. Who needs Brazilian when you have Teri's international cuisine. You know if this food is as good as it sounds you may just have to adopt me lol! Keep in the Fight and Battle On Teri!!!

    (ZC) Is It Any Wonder


  3. I do understand your feelings David. This disappointment in yourself with all these years of dieting without success is like if someone had stollen precious time from you. It is a lost of part of your life. The pain is hard to accept.

    Only after doing ZC for some time that someone can understand how we got rob by "these people", some innocently but many others deliberately.

    It is sad to know that it happened to a mentally strong man like you that describe himself as "invincible"...

    I just not know how I would react if we had the proof the ZC was bad for our health??? Anyway, my first reaction would be to say that it is "these people" again that are making us believe what they want...

    Anyway, we both know very deep inside our soul that ZC brings an incredible level of peace and harmony in our body, that it only can be good. And nobody can relate this feeling of comfort to the food we eat as none of it contains addicting substances...

    I was having lunch with two fantastic girlfriends today and they were shocked when I pushed aside all the vegetables on my plate and asked politely to the waiter to move them away as I specifically have ordered to omit them. I think ZC is extremely good for our soul because I felt no need to explain to these two overweight women, that were eating salads and drinking diet coke, the reason I was doing this...

    Continue to nurse your soul the way you do; I am sure history will prove us right; anyway, who cares...


  4. Hi Pro(ZC)ac. It looks like I was posting a daily update (very late) while you were posting this comment.

    I agree with you, deep inside we do indeed understand the peace and harmony that (ZC) brings.

    Wow, diet coke and salads, Jeez now that brings back some memories or should I say nightmares lol! What a fool I was to buy into that. Yes in reality at the time I did not know better, but oh well.

    I tell you what: I was always the "FAT FRIEND". My buddies were always in shape. Sometimes I was embarrassed for them to be seen with me. Especially going out to eat. I gotta tellya there were times that we sat in booths that I could barely fit into. Man was it uncomfortable.

    Well I may not be INVINCIBLE just yet, but I have a very powerful friend: ZERO CARB!!!

    Thanks for stopping by Pro(ZC)ac. Fight the Good Fight and Battle On!!!

    (ZC) Don't Delay





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