Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3/9/2011 - Daily Update - My Last Stand

Greetings All, My Spirits and Energy levels are great. No cravings, cheats or tummy troubles.

Every once in awhile I get on fire for what I believe in. What I really mean is that I get an extra dose of enthusiasm. I wish it was every day. Life has a way of putting distractions in my way. I don't know about you. Now at this point eating Zero Carb has become almost automatic, sorta second nature. So does that mean that I should not get fired up about it? So does that mean I should lose the passion that I have dear in my heart about it. No! A resounding no. I sit here thinking to myself what a joy this way of eating (WOE) has brought me. What a joy it is to look what I deem normal. I don't know your personal views about self image. I was huge. I mean really huge. I am only 5'8" and I topped off in weight at 280 lbs. You do the math. I can only speak for myself, but I tell you what: I look at the mirror sometimes and think? "Who is that guy?" Should I really say  "Where in the hell have you been all this time?" I have not always been that grossly overweight. I have went up and down the scale throughout my life, but after my late twenties or so my weight went out of control.

When I started this way of eating I told myself this is it. Failure is not an option. This is truly my "Last Stand" if should Fail, if I should Fall it would be devastating to me. I fight and I fight hard. I have been told that I should stand up and fight for what I believe in by those who don't really know me at all. Words are cheap. I fight with my actions and convictions. I fight for my very LIFE! I fight for my sanity. It feels damn good feeling damn good. Does that make sense? Well it does to me lol!

So for the rest of my life I will wage a campaign against those things that would keep me from living a "normal" life. I have won many battles, but the War still rages. I am a Zero Carber aka Carnivore living in a standard american diet aka balanced meal (SAD)  world. Hey I eat balance everyday = Meat+Fat+H20= Balanced.

Today I had an all time low on Zero Carb = 189.4 lbs

Have a Great Day (ZC) My Friends and Zero Carb Family. Fight for what you believe in through your actions and always Battle On!!!

(ZC) The Fun has Just Begun

    Yours truly at 280 lbs


Overall health (1-10):9
Energy level (1-10):10
Rocky Stage: Won' Be Long Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket and H20

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