Sunday, April 3, 2011

4/3/2011 - Daily Update - So Complicated, it’s Easy: Like Love

Greetings All.

I don’t know how my Spirits are today because this was actually posted last night and scheduled to automatically post at 8:00 am Sunday. I hope it worked. I might use this in the future to save time. I am sure that my Energy Levels will be OK. Why just OK. Well to tell you the truth I ended up doing yard work after all. I just limited the use of  my left hand. On Second thought my Spirits are High, because I get to spend the day with my Dear Mum. YES!!

I have to say that at the very beginning of Zero Carb I made it a little complicated. Like making Oopsie Rolls and Moussaka (which I love). Then I had to tell myself "Hold on there Hoss, why oh why are you making Zero Carb so complicated?" Hey I actually listened.

So I decided to STOP THE MADNESS, yes indeed I did.

I know I confuse people when I say "Zero Carb is easy." and then I talk about my struggles or battles with it. When I say Zero Carb is easy I mean the concept. Meat + Water + Fat = Zero Carb. Finished. Right? Wrong!

Some may say "What do you mean "Wrong Dave?" Well, since you insist I will tell you what (those voices again) we all suffer from a common thing. OK Dave we are patiently wait (oh no voices once more). Well give a Zero Carber a chance to answer will ya. Oops OK Dave, sorry (voices?).

Jeez O Pete. Anyway we tend to throw in the HUMAN FACTOR. Why O Why do we like to make things complicate? Isn't Life already complicated enough? Eating should just be a natural part of life. Shouldn't it? Yes indeed it should. Just like Breathing or Drinking a glass of water. Just eat already and save the excuses for why you were late to work or forgot your anniversary or whatever. Just don’t make Zero Carb hard on yourself when there is no reason too. Heck all you have to do is EAT.

This post is inspired by Pro(ZC)ac. I Zero Carb Friend? No, more like a Zero Carb Family member.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family, new and old alike. I have No Fear, I will Not back down, I will make my Stand here and now. Fight the Good Fight!!!

(ZC) So Complicated, it’s Easy: Like Love



  1. Hi, Dave:
    Really appreciated this post. It sounds like you've reached a conclusion that's very similar to how I feel this morning: Why, oh why, can't I just appreciate how my body feels? Why do I feel driven to make it complicated? Those damn voices! LOL!
    Take care,

  2. Hi Sharon, hey I didn't mean to get on the stump lol! It just kills me when folks that are struggling try things that ends up making things worse. In my case it took me over 45 years to get my body in the shape that it was in before Zero Carb. It will take time to repair it. I have time, what else can I do? I follow the Core. That is all I have and that is all I need.

    You hang in there my Friend. Never say die. Keep plugging away day by day. Fight for every inch or in our case Ounce. Keep the Faith and Battle On!!!





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