Sunday, April 10, 2011

4/10/2011 - Daily Update - A Walk in the Park

Greetings All. My Spirits and Energy levels are good.

What a great day in The Woodlands. Dear Wife (DW) and I took a nice morning stroll around the huge pond across the street. There were plenty of folks fishing. It is supposed to be catch and release, but somehow I doubt that really happens.

I slow cooked Beef Cheek last night, I gotta tellya that is one of my all time favorites. YUM. In Spanish it is called "Barbacoa". I bought mines at Wal-Mart. One day I will do a Step by Step in the recipe page. After we got home from our walk I took the meat out of the Crockpot and pan fried it a little and then made some scrambled eggs on the side. (DW) opted to have a breakfast taco and of course I ate it as is on a plate. OMG it was sssoo good!!

Packeged (stock photo)

Ready to cook right out of the package (stock hoto)

Cook in the Crockpot and ready to shred and eat (stock photo)

So we ate and talked and had a good conversation. I did put a splash of hot sauce and chowed down like big dog.

We are now making a recipe from Linda Sue's Low Carb Recipe website. My (DW) loves her Orange Sour Cream Cakes. So I "The Enabler" am helping her make it. She is not much into cooking and it is second nature to me. We just popped them into the oven and they will be ready in about 20 minutes or so.

I ended up doing some yard work yesterday, so today I will stop by the Waterway and enjoy The Woodlands Art Festival solo.

Have a Great Zero Carb Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Keep the Faith!!!

(ZC)ers Eating Good in the Hood




  1. Dave nice blog. I have been eating zero carb for a couple years. I lost 45 pounds in about a year and have kept. It off. I really dig this blog a lot and appreciate your upbeat attitude towards well about must everything. You help remind me that I am not alone.

    I hope you had fun at the art festival. btw the Barbacoa real looks great. I have had some before many times and I never get tired of it.

    keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Jane,good deal on your Journey. Now you should be the one with the Zero Carb blog.

    Well this place is just a little dot in the WWW. I try my best with my limited knowledge.

    Yes the Barbacoa did come out delicious and I plan to make it more often. I can find packages of it marked down at Wal-mart on a regular basis.

    I had a great time at the art festival, thanks for asking. Thanks for stopping by and your nice comments. Keep On Keeping On!!!

    (ZC) Here, There and Everywhere



  3. Looks good Dave! I have to find that around here somehow-----------In the morning with the journey all before us on the road,
    It takes courage to begin, that is sure;
    For the first step is the hardest, and we always think the load
    May be greater than we've power to endure.
    When the first mile lies behind us we can say, "Now that is done,
    And the second and the third will soon be past."
    So we trudge on through the noontime, and the setting of the sun
    Finds us coming to our stopping-place at last.

    When a man would climb a mountain he's appalled to see the length
    Of the slope that reaches up into the sky;
    But he starts, and with the climbing he will find he's gained the strength
    To attain the very top, however high.
    For the climbing of a mountain takes but one step at a time--
    Who has courage to do that will reach the goal;
    He will stand upon Life's summit and will know that joy sublime
    Which is his alone who dares to prove his soul.-- Onwards and Forwards!!!!!!

  4. Hi Jim, do I hear a song in that? If not you should consider it.

    I tell you what: Folks just need to focus on the here and now. Who cares about tomorrow if your failing now. Focus day to day. Moment by moment. Tomorrow will come soon enough.

    Plan, focus, learn and prepare. A Zero Carber should arm himself with everything possible to be successful.

    Some say ween off certain things, well I don't know about that. Dairy for some trigger cravings. Salt for some makes them retain lots of fluids. Look all I can say is stick to the basics, get to your goal then revisit certain things if you wish to.

    Once you get past a certain point you will see how easy it is. How great you feel. Get those poisons and toxins out of your system. Clean up and sober up. We have been tricking on carbs most of our lives like junkies.

    I'm telling you it is so great to feel....... well great. For me I have the whole package: Mind, Body and Soul. Peace and Harmony. I can do anything anytime anyplace. It is just how I feel.

    Jim, thanks for getting me "ON FIRE"!! I think I was slipping there a little lol!

    Keep the Faith and Battle On!!!

    (ZC)ers All for One, and One for ALL



  5. Isin't fun, as a ZCber, to cook the "old stuff" for non-converted folks?

    For myself, I like to do pastries for guests... When I play with white sugar and white flower, I am like a kid at the park building sand castles... which they are anyway as they bring only an illusion of happiness... Strangely, I never, but never feel the urge to taste them... I especially like to cook brownies... but Orange Sour Cream Cakes... you are really the king David... in our old and new world of ZC!!!!


  6. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, well I gotta tellya (DW) and (ILs) just love the stuff. They are fairly (LC) being made with only almond meal, sour cream, butter, orange zest, orange extract, eggs, and Splenda. To be honest i used sugar instead of the Splenda. Why, because since I started (ZC) I have only a limited amount for guests. (DW) is not interested in Splenda. I use only half a cup, The recipe calls for a full cup of pour-able Splenda which equals a cup of sugar as far as tastes go.

    If you read my forum you will remember I was labeled the "Enabler" because I make (SAD) food for people who only eat (SAD) and are not interested what-so-ever in (ZC) and think what I am doing is dangerous. Good Grief!!!

    I can see myself saying to them "Convert" or else!!! Yes, that's and they will say in unison with glazed over eyes and drool running down the sides of their mouth "YES, WE CONVERT". OK so I posted that same statement to an idiotic comment left on my forum Journal. Welcome to my world lol!

    Keep the Faith!!!

    (ZC) Convert or ....





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