Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4/12/2011 - Daily Update - Yesterday All My Troubles........

Top of the Morning All. My Spirits and Energy are "Sky Rockets in Flight!"

I gotta tellya I am feeling like a Million Bucks today! I got up with a Surge of Energy like no other. I am in such a great mood today, I don't think nothing can bring me down.

Now my little head is thinking how to cash in those million bucks? Hahaha!!! Right? Yeah Right.

So yesterday I went on the hunt at HEB. Well it looks like meat prices are slightly up in some areas and actually down in others. I bought my Fatty Beef Brisket @ $1.78lb down for $1.98lb. I bought a 3 pounds of Ground Chuck @ $2.66lb a little up. I don't remember the previous price, but I want to say it was cheaper. So there you go. Oh almost forgot I bought some fish. I can't offhand remember the name but it is a mild white fish that has the word stripped in the name. I know that I have not tried it before. I usually stick to Tilapia, but I wanted to try something new and it was only a little a pound I want to say $2.88lb.

I ended up cooking the Fatty Beef Brisket in the oven. I was temped to put it on the BBQ, but I got lazy. Oh well what can you do? This was a 14 pounder. I cooked it at 400 degrees for 4 hours to see how it would come out. I would have cooked it for only 3 hours in the past. Hey I like to experiment.

I did not weigh in this morning. Why? Because I have decided to only weigh myself on Mondays. I will continue to give my Weekly Updates on Mondays with the weigh in. I just don't feel the need to do the "Battle of the Ounces" or "The Bounces in Ounces" on a daily basis. I did use the scale to help me lose weight on most of my Journey. At this point I think I have it down on what to eat and how much.

I can't wait until Friday. Why?  Because I get to visit my family int San Diego. Well I should say both my families in San Diego. My Sister and her family, and my Zero Carb Family. The Best of Both Worlds. I am excited to see my Godson. YES!!! It will be an extremely short trip, but I need to save my vacation time for a little later this year. If all goes right we will visit Yellow Stone National Park.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Fight the Good Fight!!!

(ZC) See Ya

Overall health (1-10):9
Energy level (1-10):10
Rocky Stage: Won't Be Long Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket and H20


  1. We don't have heb here. briskets are around $4 a lb and it's hard to find untrimmed ones. It seems you guys have a nice variety of beef at good prices.

    I don't like to play the scale game myself. I don't like the bouncing around.


  2. Hi Jane, Yeah from the feedback I get from my forum family it seems that I get pretty good in my area.

    The scale is cool as long as you use it like a measuring tool and don't get caught up with emotions. Hey it's hard. I was OK with it, but the human side came out a few times lol!

    Keep the Faith!!!

    (ZC) Unmeasurable





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