Thursday, April 14, 2011

4/14/2011 - Daily Update - There Is Hope For Me Yet

Hello. My Spirits and Energy Levels are up, up and away!

I have to say Great Mood does not describe my feelings today. I feel great and optimistic that today will be a great day indeed. I anticipating my trip to San Diego. I can't wait to see my Godson. I don't have kids myself so I treasure the times I spend with family.

"Take me High, Take me Low, Take me where I want to go. You can't take my Joy from Me. Since I found Serenity."

It is strange when I reflect on my past eating habits. What shaped my way of eating at that time. I can tell you one thing: My Mum always tried to provide us with the most nutritional meals available at the time and within our budget. So yes she made to the best of her knowledge of balanced meals. She rarely served or bought what was considered and still is junk food. If my Mum was armed with the knowledge that she has today we would have been eating LC to VLC. She understands and practices it herself. I introduced it to her years ago when I stared it and she got on the band wagon and has never gotten off. She is at a good weight and for the most part pretty healthy. She is over 70 years old. 

So where did Dave go wrong when he left the NEST? Well I dunno. I really don't. Well ....... I guess I really do. I just did not care what I ate. I ate everything and anything really. Really? Uhhh ...... yest I just said really duh. Don't ask. Anyway I guess I just start to explore the horizons out there. I discovered Chinese buffets and that was no blessing. For years that was one of my main targets for eating out. In this part of the country where we have tons upon tons of restaurants in almost every variety available, eating out was only limited to your budget. Hell I used to find buffets under $4.00 all day long. Jeez what a nightmare.

Now, after wondering over 46 years in the wilderness the Good Lord has provided me with the path to a righteous way of eating (WOE).

"There is hope for me yet

Because God won’t forget

All the plans he’s made for me

I have to wait and see

He’s not finished with me yet"

~Brandon Heath~
Wait and See

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Keep On Keeping On!!!

(ZC) Take Me to a Higher Place


Overall health (1-10):10
Energy level (1-10):10
Rocky Stage: Won't Be Long Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket and H20  

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