Monday, April 25, 2011

4/25/2011 - Weekly Update - Oops I Did It Again

Greetings All. My Spirits are high. My Energy level are Great!

Today marks 44 weeks of (ZC) and this is my Progress Report:

6/21/10=260lbs 6/28/10=255lbs 7/5/10=252lbs 7/12/10=247.5lbs 7/19/10=245.8lbs 7/26/10=245.6lbs 8/2/10=244.8lbs 8/9/10=240.6lbs 8/16/10=240.4lbs 8/23/10=239.8lbs 8/30/10=238.4lbs 9/6/10=234.2lbs 9/13/10=230.2lbs 9/20/10=228.8lbs 9/27/10=225.6lbs 10/4/2010=221.6lbs 10/11/2010=221.4lbs 10/18/2010=218.0lbs 10/25/2010=216.0lbs 11/1/10=213.6lbs 11/8/1 =211.8lbs 11/15/10=207.4lbs 11/22/10=???lbs 11/29/10=206.8lbs 12/6/10=204.4lbs 12/13/10=202.8lbs 12/20/10=199.4lbs 12/27/10=197.8lbs 1/3/2011=196.8lbs 1/10/11=196.0lbs 1/18/11=195.0 1/24/11=194.6lbs 1/31/2010=193.8lbs 2/7/2011=194.0lbs 2/14/2011=194.0lbs 2/21/2011=194.4lbs 2/28/2011=191.8 lbs 3/7/2011=189.8 lbs 188.4 lbs 3/21/2011= 1.87.8 lbs 3/28//2011 =? 4/4/11= ? 4/11/11= 186.8lbs 4/18/2011= 187.2 lbs 4/25/2011=185.4lbs

Wow, an all time low and almost down to my original goal weight of 185.0lbs. Amazing. Amazing indeed. I am so excited. Zero Carb is working it's charm.


Good People: Lend Me Your Ear: Zero Carb works. 

All I Do Is Eat, Eat and Eat. Can it get any easier. Oh yeah I forgot: I also smoke big nasty Cigars and Drink plain black Coffee aka Java. 

Exercise .............. No. Not at this time. When I do plan to exercise it will be for toning and fun. Maybe some Tae Bo.

I am having the time of my life. Everyday is sweeter than the day before.

Do yourself a favor. If you are thinking about going Zero Carb and have not yet decided .......... just go to my photo page and look at the pictures. I am actually a little smaller than the latest photos there. This weight loss has really been much too easy. Why? Jeez their is always one in the crowd. Let me see did I recognize that voice (voices again?)? It almost sounded like Teri with her hand covering her mouth so that I would not recognize it. Good try Cyber Mom. OK I know she knows the drill, but for those who don't I would like to clear things up a little if I may thank you so much.

The Statement: Zero Carb is Easy. It is easy because =
  1. All have to do is eat
  2. No Exercise Required
  3. Food Choices are limited (real limited)
  4. Go back to number 1
"Can it be hard Dave?" I see Teri is trying to cover all the bases. To answer that question. YES.  "How Dave?" OK Teri time to take the hand off the mouth lol! Good question by the way. Well it is an individual thing. Some folks that to it like a duck to water. Some folks just can't get  with the program. Many fall somewhere in between. For me it was pain on my left side of my stomach for about six weeks or so. I have had my GB taken out and it seems to be a common thing among those who are like me. The pain was very bearable. The big "D" is another factor. I think it is because of the fat intake at the start of Zero Carb. Hey I went through that. I guess for some getting off sweets real or artificial can be a deal breaker. No problem with me. 

I have told others and I will repeat it here again. You have to be mentally prepared or you will fail. I have seen it too many times. You have to plan ahead aka food preparation. Scout out your area for food friendly restaurants and such. In time it will be all second nature. 

I have become Zero Carb. Zero Carb has become ME. We are one in the same.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Never say Die!

(ZC) Make it a Habit 




  1. I love this last picture. Two habits I can live with and do. Dave keep them coming. Thank you.


  2. Coffee yes, Cigars? I have never tried them. I don't smoke, but I do admit I love the smell believe it or not.


  3. You are now loosing about 1 pound per week which is the healthiest thing one can do on a diet so that your metabolism stays high.

    I would really be interested to know what is the part of rule 2. "No exercise required" in this loss. Probably much more then we may think because of rule 1- All have to do is eat...

    I think we will have to wait years for studies to be done on the subject because there is no money to be make... But since we know it is true as you are the living proof of it, lets go on with your 4 rules diet!!!

    I don't want to add this here but I cannot resist doing it..... What about adding a rule 5?: Have big nasty cigar when you feel like it...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Make it unanimous. Me three or is it four or five? I really am having a bit of fun here. Dave you know how to communicate a message that is interesting. I read at your forum once that you were described by one of the members as having the gift of gab. I just feel it is natural for you. Thanks and battle on!


  5. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, I am interested in that too. What role does exercise play? I know there are folks that exercise while on (ZC).

    Rule #5 ... hhmm yes I like it. Well I do already practice it HA!

    Keep the Faith and Battle On Pro(ZC)ac!!!

    (ZC) A Common Cause



  6. Hi Simon. Fun? Hey why not. Life is a bit too serious sometimes. I don't know about the gift of gab part. I just post from the heart. That's it. No special talent here. Keep On Keeping On!!!

    (ZC) More Fun Than The Carbs Allow





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