Saturday, April 30, 2011

4/30/2011 - Daily Update - The Ultimate Goal

Good Tidings. My Spirits and Energy Levels are good.

I would like to say welcome to all the folks posting comments. Your voice is important and educational. We all learn from each other. As you can see I share a lot. It is my privilege to write down the words. I just want to say Thank you. Reading your words gives me encouragement and belief that I am not alone in the world of Zero Carb. Again Thank You for sharing your comments on this blog.

I have had some nice feedback on some of the comments I have posted. The topic of "Compliments" has been tossed around. Yes positive compliments on my weight loss is very encouraging. At first I was overwhelmed with the compliments. I am still amazed that folks continue to make the compliments. I know that I continue to lose weight, but I do not see a big difference. Yet others do. That puzzles me.

One day the compliments will end. That is OK because it will mean that I reached my "Right Size" and have maintained it for a good while. That is my Ultimate Goal.I want to put the Dave of the PAST away forever.

There is a nice Christian song that mirrors my feelings:

I know the journey seems so long ,
You feel your walking on your own, 
But there has never been a step, 
Where you’ve walked out all alone 

There will be a day with no more tears,
 no more pain,
 and no more fears 

-Jeremy Camp-

Yes the message of the song is religious, but the message is strong to me. As I gain control over things that have keep me from being the best that I can be, I also have this pull to my Spiritual side that has been missing in my life. I am taking steps not just to get my body in the right direction but my very soul. I am a in the process to be Confirmed in the Catholic Church. 

This is my Journey. Everyone is different and I don't expect everyone to be like me or I them. We hold common ground in many aspects of our Journeys. Inner Peace, Harmony, A sense of Well Being, Energy and so on. Maybe even Spiritual. 

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Hold On to Hope and Keep the Faith!!!

(ZC) A Better Place




  1. Dave I am a Catholic too. I understand where you are coming from. I went through Confirmation last year. I am happy for you.


  2. I just remembered today a terrible phase I went through while going down to the weight this ZC diet wanted me to go. And this time, it is was not having people stopping to compliment me. Much worse…

    I think ZC, if done correctly, will make you more then a ‘normal weight’ person; it will make you a ‘thin person’. This is the way humans are genetically designed to be; fat on our body just being an occasional and temporary thing.

    Anyone on ZC which is not thin is not following the rules: have your animal proteins with all the fat you feel like and STOP eating when you are full + drink water. But this is not the point of my comment…

    I want to say that, at one point toward thinnest, you will begin to ear people shouting at you different things like “Dave, you are overdoing it…” or “You look sick Dave…” or even “Dave, are you anorexic?”, the worst being “You have become ugly Dave… I preferred you when you had extra pounds on!!!”.

    I tell you, this will be a real shock after a life of being an overweight person…

    So prepare yourself for a ride.

    I just hope you will keep this blog going on until you reached this point because with you personal way of telling stories, this will not be boring!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Hi Sara and God Bless you little sister. You are so sweet. Good for you. I envy you. I wish I would have went through my Confirmation as a teen. Thanks again young gun. Keep the Faith and Battle On Sara!!!

    (ZC)ers Blessed the Best



  4. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, you have an uncanny way of making think and respond to your comments. Thanks. It keeps me sharp. I have decided to once again to respond to your comment via a "Daily Update". titled "Pro(ZC)ac's Insight". Keep On Keeping On!!!

    (ZC) Think of the Possibilities





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