Monday, April 4, 2011

4/4/2011 - Daily Update - Love Me Tender

Hi all still just hanging around. Sorry no Weekly Update yet. I am just living life Zero Carb and I am not interested in weighing in. No real big deal, really. Yes, I do feel I have a lot more weight to lose. I guess I am just going through some changes on how I am looking at Zero Carb.

I used to live to weigh myself in the morning.Obsessing about it and Not Obsessing about it at the same time. Did that make sense? OK I will explain because I am weird like that. As if you did not know by now lol!

Statement #1 Obsessing about weighing myself in the morning: It became a routine. I wanted to see if what I was doing on Zero Carb was working. More scientific than anything else. I used the scale as a measurement tool to sway me to try something new or stop doing something all together.

Statement #2 Not Obsessing about weighing myself in the morning: Now this one is very easy. I just did not care if the scale went up or down. I just refereed to Statement #1. Wow too easy.

OK then.

Well, I had a Great time with Mum yesterday. We talked the whole time. These are the times I will cherish for a lifetime. I am so much more easy going since Zero Carbing. I just want to have good times with family and friends. I don't have time for those who want to be negative or want to argue about nonsense.

I am who I am, love me or leave me.  Well I prefer "Love Me Tender." HA! I have so much Peace and Harmony Y'all. This has been a wonderful transition for me and I will never give it up. Why would I, why would I indeed.

Hang in there my  Friends and Zero Carb Family. Help is on the Way!!!

Haver a Great Zero Carb Day. Battle On Till The Break of Dawn!!!

(ZC) One, Two, Three......One, Two, Three.....



  1. I am here also friend still at it I have no cravings for anything but bbq short ribs and water We have been using some great spice I got at whole foods its called oregon flavor rack and has no salt in it they have cajun and garlic flavors I had it with beef brisket and eggs today this last brisket has a strange taste I think because its grass fed kind of a strong flavor the spices helped I am feeling pretty good lately- Jim

  2. Hey there Jim, there you go. Great for you. Keep plugging away. Zero Carb has a strange mind and has it's own time. Do what's right and you will see results. Some folks are faster and some are slower. Hey we will all get there together. Keep Rocking!! Keep Rolling!! Always, always Battle On!!!

    (ZC) Got Your Back Jack





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