Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5/10/2011 - Daily Update - Have Happy Face, Will Travel

Good Day. My Spirits and Energy levels are good.

Better days ahead, better days. I am definitely clawing my way back to full operations mode. Eating is not the problem, my feelings are not up to par yet. I am getting there.

I hope Pro(ZC)ac is having a great time in Europe. If you see this post I just want to say HI!!!

As I posted yesterday I am knee deep in an experiment with my eating pattern. I don't think I am playing with fire, but I will see how it works. So far I think it's OK. It is way too early to tell. I am eating the same amount, but I feel fuller. It has to do with the timing. Like I posted yesterday, this is catered to my personal situation. I will continue and "Tell All" at a later time. It is really no big deal ......... really (?). HA!

Hey I love a good Mystery, don't you?

I am trying to keep my Spirits up at work, but it is hard, but not impossible.

Well folks if you don't know by now I will tell you again and again: I am on Fire for Zero Carb. I'm Hyped and there is no Stopping Me Now!

Have a Great Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Keep On Keeping On and always Battle On!!!

(ZC)ers Up for the Challenge



  1. Dave good to see you back in action. I was worried that you might not come back. Keep up the good work.


  2. Didn't anyone tell you that it is not nice to keep secretes? I hope your experiment goes well. You are doing so great without any magic. Why experiment? -Jane-

  3. Nice to see you feeling better dave .I have a question I havent lost any weight since my initial 20 lbs which was quite awhile ago what where your different plataeus and how long did they last? I have been eating cheese and use half an half in my coffee maybe thats it ?

  4. Hi there!!!

    I could get an Internet connection at the hotel tonight. Glad to hear you are doing better. Don't you find incredible how, on ZC, we never tend to go back eating bad stuff even if we are under terrible stress? This is a MAJOR quality of this way of eating. And you are, again, a living example of this success!!!

    I must admit that the food situation, while travelling here, is going quite well. I decided the best way was to take it relax and make jokes about it with the waiters. It work beautifully. In the morning, I always organise to find an American breakfast so I can have bacon and eggs (they look at me when I ask for 3 eggs like I was insane...) and I add a lot, but a lot of butter. And I allow myself a little bit of cheese.

    For lunch, I am usually not very hungry because of the huge breakfast and most of the time, I just have a coffee which brings me to the evening meal. Dinner is quite easy as meat or fish are on all menus. The ONLY problem is the portion sizes which are extremely small. So, again, I push the butter... Most of the time I have to ask 2-3 times to get some more. Joking about it is the way to go!!!!!!!!

    I had one hungry pan, an afternoon, probably related to the jet lag. I founded a small grocery and bought some prosciutto; I had it with a lot of water and I was OK. No big deal...

    So you are experiencing? Well as long as it is to find what is your eating rythm, this is OK. I think two points are to be considered here. First, the reality that we have a social life and so, we have to eat some meals with others. Of course, we loose control on the principle "eat when you are hungry".

    The second point is probably to make a difference between grazing all day and eating a real meal. I do not think cavemen where grazers; when there was some food, they would eat it until they wre full and this is what we probably should do.

    In my experience, two serious meals per day bring you enough food to cover all daily nutrient needs. Whatever meal suits you, it is your choice. And then, if hunger comes again, just have a few bites until you feel well and STOP EATING. This always worked for me: a big early lunch and the same for dinner; then a bite, sometimes by the end of afternoon, and another bite before bedtime. When I say "a bite", I mean "a bite": it is usually 2-3 forks of meat BUT with all the fat it needs to satisfy me.

    For my two big meals, I always begin by eating the fat, then try to have a first normal serving of protein meat, and I add fat, fat and fat. I rarely need a second portion. Except if the dinner is a special event, then I allow myself to indulge++++++ especially if the meat is outstanding.

    We can easily overeat meat but there is a limit at what we can have as fat. I have noticed here, at breakfast, that after about 3 tablespoons of butter, I cannot ingest more. But with bacon, I have no idea if there would be a limit!!!!!!!!!

    Tomorrow is a special celebration night and I already reserved in a nice restaurant where they served "foie gras terrine" and "Chateau Brillant filet mignon with beainaise sauce". Hope it will turn well...

    I was thinking today that while doing ZC, we can seriously feel isolated in today's society. I think that some support form other ZCarbers is a must as when we struggle with a problem, we do not have people aside us to ask for help.

    This is why the "little family" you have created with this blog seems to answer a big need and I am very gratefull to you about it


  5. HI Bill, I'm not going anywhere ........ well at least I don't plan too. I will try to Fight the Good Fight for as long as I can. I promise.


  6. Hi Jane, thanks. Well I am just "exploring" in a way. I can always go back to my "norm" anytime. I dunno I guess I am curious. I guess? No Worries.


  7. Hi jimnpol, my response to your question is way too long. So I will post it as a regular post today. Battle On!!!


  8. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, I responded to your comment in todays post. Thanks for everything. Battle On!!!

    (ZC) The One and Only....





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