Thursday, May 12, 2011

5/12/2011 - Daily Update - A Message to jimnpol and Pro(ZC)ac

Hi jimnpol, well for some folks dairy can be a "Giant Killer". I got off it early in my Zero Carb venture. I went strict H20, meat and fat for about the first 3 months or so. Then I started to drink plain black coffee. I did not mention the coffee until recently because I was posting at the forum in the past and I did not want to stir the pot. Of course that was my decision, nothing to do with anyone in particular over there. I am still a proud member there.

I had a few small stalls. I did find out that when I ate when I was truly hungry, like when your stomach growls and stopped when I felt satisfied .......... and I mean that I did not finish my plate ......... the weight really came off at a quicker pace. That really takes discipline. It is easy to overeat in my opinion. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself "Enough Already". No need to make a "happy plate". I would cut out the dairy for at least a month and see what the results are at that time.

Furthermore read the wonderful comment Pro(ZC)ac has made. I pasted it in the “Pro(ZC)ac’s Wisdom” page. It follows my beliefs and practices to a “T”. I can only hope to be as wise as Pro(ZC)ac as I continue this Journey through Zero Carb. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. I will do my best to answer them or some other good soul here might jump in. Battle On jimnpol (James).

A Special Message to Pro(ZC)ac:

Wow ......... Wow!!! Pro(ZC)ac you are such a delight. Thank you once again. I know I have not asked you ......., but I have dedicated a page to cut and paste your wonderful comments and insight on Zero Carb. I would rather sign you up as a member of this blog and let you just “log on” and post your Heart out as much or as little as you wanted. So for now I will cut and paste your wonderful comments to a dedicated page. I rather have you as a member and "Unleash the Hounds". I can never thank you enough ...... like it or not..... You are one of the reasons this Blog continues to LIVE.

Please email me with my and let me know if you are interested in becoming a member of this blog. I will even rename it to “The Zero Carb Chronicles” if I am allowed too.  I am not trying to pressure you in anyway. I am just in AWE of your insight and your delightful comments and outlook on Zero Carb. You are a “Hidden Treasure” indeed. You are a positive force ……. I can’t say enough. Thank You!

I loved the part of your comment that mentioned “Our little Zero Carb Family”. I guess we have grown a little here since the start. It does feel nice and you are right: we need to lean on other (ZC)ers in time of need. We are the only ones that understand what we are going through while on this Zero Carb Journey. We are united in this and should be able to seek help with others of our kind. Jeez I feel like an alien from the planet “ZERO” lol!!!

Please think about the membership. No need to rush, just kick it around a bit. I hope you and yours are having a great trip. I like the way you have handled your eating experience. I am taking notes and will apply your experiences when and if I get the privilege to travel to Europe. I am so jealous!!! Hey I will get there someday.  Continue to have a Great Time. Battle On Pro(ZC)ac!!!
All right y’all. As you can see it only takes a little to get this blog pumped up. My Spirits and Energy levels are High.

I am really getting back into the “Grove” and my experiment is going well so far. Again, it is too early to make any real conclusions.  I will let y’all in the “Secrete” which is really no big deal, in about a week or two. I just want to make sure of the results before I make any claims “large” or “small”.

I want to thank jimnpol and Pro(ZC)ac for the talking points today. So THANKS!!!

Look It: I am oh so dedicated to Zero Carb and I am a true Lifer. This is it for me. No turning back. Where would I go? Where Indeed!

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)ers Together Forever



  1. Thanks Dave have a good weekend!

  2. Hi jimnpol, you are more than welcome my friend. Keep in the Fight, Keep the Faith and Keep On Keeping On!!!

    (ZC) Believe





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