Saturday, May 14, 2011

5/14/2011 - Daily Update - Blogger Gone Wild

Top of the Day! My Spirits and Energy levels are Soaring!!!

Man what the heck happened to "Blogger"? All my comments that "I" posted disappeared from my responses to "Have Happy Face, Will Travel". I made a page called "Wisdom of Pro(ZC)ac and it disappeared. I know they were having problems yesterday, but they promised to put back posts and comments that were deleted. My last post "A Message to Jimnpol and Pro(ZC)ac" disappeared and reappeared a few times. It seems back for now, but all the comments are missing from the previous post. The comments are emailed to me, so I think I can cut and past them back in the proper comment section. I will try.

I bought my Dear Wife (DW) a car yesterday. It was a total surprise to her. Why did I buy it? Just Because, yes...... Just Because. I found a really good deal. I bought a Pre-owned Certified Mercedes Benz C2008 Luxury Model. It had a few nice upgrades already installed: GPS, Heated Front Seats, Leather Interior, Exterior Paint Upgrade, Multimedia Package, I Pod Integration Kit, Harman/Kardon Logic7(R) surround-sound system with Dolby Digital 5.1 and PCMCIA Multi Card Reader. What was the best part? It only had 8,700 miles on it. How can you beat that? I gotta tellya if I did not know better I would have thought it was a brand new 2011. It has the same body style and is awesome.

For (DW) it was a big surprise and a nice upgrade from her 2002 Honda Accord. She was shocked  and could not believe it. She was so nervous just to drive it. Jeez!

Well I just chowed down on several rashers of bacon, three over easy large eggs and around 6 oz of Barbacoa (Beef Cheek).Wow was that great or what? Dave are you still losing weight? Well ...... I would tell, but that would not give me enough time to continue with my little experiment. So lets just say I am not disappointed at the progress at this time. Sorry to be a tease ......... or am I? HA!

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Stay in the Fight and Battle On!!!

(ZC) Old is New

2008 Mercedes Benz C300 Luxury Model

2011 Mercedes Benz C300 Luxury Model




  1. whooooo hooooo on the new car. LOVE to get deals. Good job.
    Aloha, teri

  2. I see that ZC makes some people quite nice: buying a Mercedes Benz C300 Luxury Model for DW!!!!!!!!! We should advise anyone, before they adopt this way of eating, side effects can be serious… After the big nasty cigars, we really needed this!!!!!!

    I am back to reality after a wonderful vacation. To discover I have lost 1 pound, like if I had some weight to loose at 148 lbs……

    I estimate to about 10 tablespoons the quantity of butter I have eaten per day to compensate for the small meat portions. This makes 1,350 calories of extra fat per day excluding the meat fat. Of course, a portion of beef on a plate in Europe is about 4 ounces… and it seems 3 eggs per days are just OK, adding to this a bite of cheese (yes, just a bite…) here and there…

    It certainly helps the idea that we should eat much more fat (up to out taste!!!) and just have a reasonable quantity of meat protein (whatever reasonable means…). The important point, as many ZC are saying, is to begin any food intake with some fat. Interestingly, I recently found a study published by reliable researchers, that some folks on the LOW_FAT diet suggested by the American Hearth Society, are demonstrating deficiencies in Vitamin A, D and E, Calcium and Zinc. This is a serious side effect. I tried to find if any research were done on deficiencies with limited carb diets and it seems it was never reported; they only thing which can be founded is some doctors saying “they think it is risky”. Not a very scientific approach to me…

    As much as we were told “have your vegetable”, it should be change by “have your fats”…

    Are we dealing with a sort of plateau David? Hold on. Anyway, ZC is not only to loose weight but also to improve health. I have a neighbor that just got a quintuple heart bypass and he stays away from fat like if it was the devil’s creation…

    I have a question: if, by mistake, you had taken a bite of a sweetened treat, would you spit it out of you mouth???


  3. Real nice Dave. -Jane-



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