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5/27/2011 - Supplemental - Pro(ZC)ac's Ribs

Howdy All. I posted so late last night that my post was dated for the 27th. I change it and forced it to be posted with the date of the 26th because the talking points were for Thursday. I did not plan on posting today unless something spacial came up. 

WELL ............... Something Special Came Up. Lets see ............. it starts with a "P" and ends with a "c". Tough one I know. OK you twisted my arm: it's Pro(ZC)ac. This individual keeps me on my toes from time to time and gets me really thinking. I also have to give out a shout to "jimnpol" who knows how to throw out a curve here and there. Back to Por(ZC)ac: A nice comment was left in response to my late night (my time) post and I feel as in the past that it deserved to be answered in a regular post rather than in the "comments" section. Without further adieu:

Pro(ZC)ac said...

I do not like to mix religious stuff with everything in life but, clearly, it seems that ZC brings us a so great sense of harmony that I cannot stop thinking we are "praticing" our way of eating as a religion.

When I am pressured to eat an UN-ZC item, I often reply: "It is not allowed in my church..." Strangely, people react positively at my comment and stop insisting...

Today, on the menu, spare-ribs with rosemary...


 Daves' Response:

Hi Pro(ZC)ac, now I have to say that you hit it on the HEAD!!! I can't help feeling that way too about Zero Carb. Now tell me if I am wrong: When I look at the lyrics of "Christian" songs the words almost mirror my Journey through (ZC). It really freaks me out sometimes. 


This is a song by Kutless " What Faith Can Do"

Everybody falls sometimes
Gotta find the strength to rise
From the ashes and make a new beginning
Anyone can feel the ache
You think it’s more than you can take
But you're stronger, stronger than you know
Don’t you give up now
The sun will soon be shining
You gotta face the clouds
To find the silver lining

I think is a perfect message for someone who is struggling on Zero Carb or someone on Zero Carb that gave in to temptation of those of so Evil Carbs and needs a pick me up to Battle back. 

As far as religion is concern: I feel it is an individual thing. It is an important part of who I am and I want folks here to understand who "Dave Is". So mentioning my beliefs will always only be about me and my experiences and not as a tool to convert or judge others. NO WAY. It is not my PLACE. It is always an open and welcome subject for anyone who cares to share. Like I said: It's an individual choice.

Rosemary Pork Ribs are to DIE FOR!!! I love them and I have gotten (DW) hooked on them. Jeez Pro(ZC)ac you sure know how to tease folks with your oh so good or should I say GREAT choices in foods. Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Discover It




  1. I feel so "strong" on ZC that I can relate to your lyrics: 'Don't you give up now'... especially since, in a few days, I will be celebrating one full year on total ZC!!!

    One real danger on ZC is the distracters that can, sometimes, find ways to press your buttons... They are everywhere and can hit with a “surprise attack” when you expect them the less. We really have to be careful…

    I remember studying Buddhism in College and one thing about this religion that really got me is you are ask to keep your beliefs for yourself and not try to be a missionary that wants to convince everyone to come to there church. I am now wondering if ZC should be done this way??? One reason is to avoid from being hit by distracters… I recently had a discussion on the subject with my barber, an old man with Italian roots and he got so mad, I though he would cut me neck with his blade…

    One year on ZC gives me the impression of being "arrived", that I have found the Promised Land. I feel my live is in harmony with nature. I also feel all my demons are gone; getting rid of so many addictive substances as carbohydrates, alcohol, salt ect. gives me the belief that I could face any difficult event in my life without “falling”. ZC can teach us a lot about ourself. For example, I certainly know that I can still enjoy a “big nasty cigar” with no real consequences….

    What a marvelous sensation of peace, both in mind and body. I am sometimes wondering which arguments could convince me to change this way of eating???

    I am now thinking experiencing a week on an animal farm. To discover how I would feel about butchering the animals I am eating everyday… But also learning about caring for them so there “sacrifice” would bring me, and them, at the right place in the delicate equilibrium of planet earth (ifsuch a thing exists...). Hoping that, with today’s farming practices, I will not come back so discused that I will refuse to eat meat again… Maybe I should look for an “organic farm”…!!!!!!!!


  2. David I agree with you that religion is an individual thing. I feel that it is great that you speak of your devotion or beliefs. It gives readers a true view of who you are and what you are about. I am a believer, yet I tend to be on the down low. I admire your courage and conviction to your beliefs in your faith and zc.

    Prozcac made a good point that we practice zc as a religion. For me that means the faith that it works and you have to be dedicated. I hope those that read this comment don't run around thinking that I am saying zc is a cult. No it is a way of eating that brings joy and peace to those of us that practice it with conviction of a religion not as a religion. I am not trying to speak for anyone else, but this is the sense I get from David and Prozcac and they help me keep on track. I want to thank you both. David for this wonderful blog and all your experiences that you share with us and lets not forget the humor. Prozcac for your endless contributions.


  3. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, full of wisdom and charm as expected. Thank you for sharing that all important story and insight. I agree with what you said and think I will heed to your way of thinking. I am just burned out trying to justify my way of eating. I think I will just tell those who seem truly interested and let the others wonder. That may change with time, but for now I think it will just have to be that way.

    One year (ZC)? Wow, for some reason I thought you were into it for a much longer time. You speak with such insight and wisdom. So we are not that far apart in our start times, something like a month apart. My 1 year will be on 6/21/2011. Good for you my friend.

    Battle On!!!

    (ZC)ers 5X5



  4. Hi Simon, yes I agree with you about Pro(ZC)ac. You are very welcome Simon. I want to thank you for stopping by and posting your comment. Fight the Good Fight!!!





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